30 Weeks!

Over the weekend we had my son’s birthday party. It was pretty good, he had a fun time and a really good turnout of kids from his class, all but 6 came to it. Here is a pic of my 2 oldest children.

My hubby and I have finally started getting the room ready for the baby. We had to do a ton of cleaning and getting rid of old toys the kids haven’t touched in ages. But it’s starting to get there. We also went browsing for cribs on the weekend, since I have given away the kids old crib.
I got my first baby items too on the weekend; a carseat, baby tub and lots of sleepers. We are sloowwly getting ready for this baby, but hey I still have another 10 weeks left. We finally managed to agree on a name, if its a girl we’ll name her Gabrielle and if for some reason the ultrasound tech was wrong and it’s a boy, well he’s nameless for now. LOL.


Enough is Enough!

Just when I think I couldn’t get any bigger looking, here it is! I find I have an odd shape.

I had my Ob appointment and GI appointment today. My GI told me to start weaning VERRRYYYY slowly from the prednisone. So I shall start tomorrow. Other than that next time I see him will be after baby is here.

The Ob visit went well. He had another resident in with him so she did the weighing and the b/p check. I am glad to announce I didn’t gain any weight in the last 3 weeks. My Ob was kind of surprised, and I yelped, well my god I managed to gain 13 lbs in 6 wks, I think it’s time to slow down. LOL. My b/p was up a tad bit 136/80. But he wasn’t worried. Heartrate is fine.
He did an ultrasound today too. She looks good, said he got the report on my last ultrasound (3wks ago) and said she’s at the 40th percentile which he is pleased about, since he was worried about the size of baby due to the crohn’s which can make them smaller. She also had the hiccups too. Too cute. So anyway, he finally gave me my slip to get the glucose test done too. So I’ll be like 30wks by the time I go in for it.

On another note, my loving hubby was commenting on how “he” couldn’t stand to go through another pregnancy with me. HAHA, imagine the nerve! I dont’ think I have mentioned this before but this baby is our “surprise” baby. I was taking the bcp, but alas it’s not very effective when you have major diarrhea (I know, TMI). So here I am, almost 30 wks later. We are very happy just suprised that our family is getting bigger. After this baby I’ll be getting a tubal done.

We are expecting our first major snow storm here too. That’ll be nice to have a little snow for the kids to play with. They love to make snowmen and go sledding. Finally all 3 children feel good, no ailments at present time.

Does anyone watch American Idol? I am hooked on those stupid reality shows. Must get ready to watch more. Take care.

29 Weeks and counting…….

Well, today marks my 29th week. I find this pregnancy is really dragging. Nothing new here to report, just swelling more each day. I find even after the slightest amount of activity my feet are swollen. Anyway, just another lovely aspect of being pregnant.

I was wondering if anyone can help me here, I am having a terribly hard time trying to pick out names for this baby. We know we are having a girl, but can’t decide for the life of us. I like the name Ava, but my hubby isn’t that fond of it, and of course he likes the name Lauren, and I mean I like it but I don’t know if that’s the name I want. Please leave any suggestions, any idea will be welcomed. If anyone else that is pregnant is reading this blog, have you or when do you plan on getting the nursery ready? I haven’t even started thinking of it.

Well my son is feeling much better and his appetite is back, now my daughter well she’s got the flu now. So anyway, I know that it can linger around for about 4 days, so it’s no surprise if she’s sick that long. So Wednesday marks another Dr. visit. I finally realized why my OB preobably hasn’t sent mr for that glucose test, due to the steroids, that’ll elevate my sugar and probably say I have GD, when I don’t. I’ll have to update on Wed. to tell how it went.

28weeks 2 days

So here’s an updated photo. My god I can’t believe how big I have gotten in only a week! I think it takes looking at the picture to realize it, I mean I am super uncomfortable and stuff. My back is absolutely killing me these days and I find sleeping with my hubby is next to impossible, with all that snoring so I go out to my sofa. He’s working a backshift tonight so I’ll get a good sleep.

The birthday for my son was cute. I can’t believe he’s 6 already. Seems like yesterday that he was born. Although he is still battling with this damn flu, he’s still nauseated and now has the diarrhea. Poor guy, couldn’t even eat his cake :(. I may take him in to the doctor this week if he doesn’t get any better soon. I think my youngest daughter my be getting a touch of something too. She slept for about an hour this afternoon which is totally not like her. My oldest daughter is fine, she’s like a tank and resists everything.

I have an OB appointment coming up on the 25th and a GI appointment. I’ll have to see about weaning off the prednisone. I know that I can’t still be on that close to delivery because the baby will have to be weaned too. Well, it’s not that I can’t be on it, it’s just more complicated that the baby will have to be monitored closely and have to see a perinatologist, etc. If I can avoid that I will. So anyway, I’ll get some information from them then. The one thing I am afraid of is my weight gain, last time I was there I gained a whopping 6 lbs in 3 weeks, and the time before was 7 lbs in 3 weeks. That’s a little too much for my liking.

Belly pic

So here is a picture of me taken at 27 weeks pregnant. I will have to update with a new one this week. Haha, I look like I have no head. Oh well.

28 Weeks Today

Well I finally hit the third trimester. Things are going alright here, just getting sick of being pregnant. I have difficulty sleeping and getting comfortable. I have hit yet another flare up of my Crohn’s disease. So back up on the prednisone 50mg. Just hope I can stay out of the bathroom for more than 5 minutes.

My son will be 6 tomorrow, so I will have to plan a party I suppose for sometime on the weekend. I’ll wait until my hubby gets home to see what he thinks.

I Suppose An Introduction Would Be Good….

Well I am 27 years old, mother of 3 children, 2 girls and 1 boy, impatiently awaiting the arrival of baby #4 (girl). I am currently an RN. My children are ages 9, 6 and 4. They sure are a handful. My pregnancy up to this point has been alright, besides the fact that i have Crohn’s disease that is exacerbated by this pregnancy. Have had a scare around 8 weeks with a subchorionic hematoma. Found out around 20 weeks that it had resolved. So here I am entering my 3rd trimester.