Today is pancake day, which the kids love so that’ll stuff them quite well for supper. They also got their report cards for this term. R did really well, with a lot of improvement from last report. She’s in grade 4. E aka (the boy) he’s in grade primary and he did really good too. So overall they both did great! YAY~

Tomorrow is another OB appointment. I’ll be interested to know what position little miss has found her way into, because I feel movement farther down now then I used to. But I’m sure she’s still head down. Still tons of time for her to get it right. Just as long as she doens’t go posterior on me! Ack those were harder deliveries with alot of back labour. My last was a breeze since she was anterior. Muchhhhh easier. Anyway, still 6 wks left.

Nothing else is really going on, the weather here is crazzzzy cold. The windchill was -25 celcius this morning. Sure hope it gets a little milder this week!


34 weeks tomorrow. Wow, I can’t get over the time passing. It seems so slow but actually it’s going pretty darn fast. I keep complaining about how uncomfortable I am, my back, sick, blah blah, but I have to remind myself that it’s only 6 more weeks until my due date. I don’t really know this OB’s preference on inducing, but generally they don’t let you go much further than 10 days over, so I potentially only have about 7 weeks left of being pregnant. I told myself that’s it, I have to enjoy this, because this will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN! We just can’t afford to have anymore kids. And really with both my hubby and I as nurses well it won’t be easy with the shift work. So anyway, I just realized that’s it, this is it, and it’s kind of sad.

On a different topic, we had turkey dinner at the inlaws. My youngest came running over to the house, (basically we live in the woods and the neighbors are all family members) yikes, but they keep their distance. Anyway, little E runs over to tell us supper is almost ready, she runs in and says, “dey are cutting the tuuukey!!” she’s so funny. And of course on our way home she wanted to walk through the field to race us home, and I of course was locked out. She didn’t want any strangers coming in. hehe. Had to fight with her for about 10 minutes before she’d unlock it!

I Knew I Should Never Have Asked That Question!~

I previously asked, How could i get any bigger, well here it is, 2 wks later.

But HOW Mommy??

Last night, little E and I were laying down watching TV in my bedroom. The baby was moving all around so I took her hand and said, feel the baby moving. She hasn’t felt her move before because whenever she’d put her hand on my stomach the baby would stop moving, of course, and E wasn’t patient enough to sit and wait.

So last night she felt the baby move, her eyes got big and round and then she asked the question, “How did the baby get in your belly mommy?” hehe, I said God put her in. Now I am not about to explain things to a 4 yr old. Then she asked again, “But HOW Mommy??” I’m laughing at this point and told her the same thing, again this didn’t satisfy her. So I told her to go ask her dad. She runs out to the living room and asks her dad the same question. Then she runs back in with a big grin on her face and says, “I know, it’s magic, daddy told me so”. LOL, what a kid!

Here’s E, in the tub after she made a request to have a bubble bath, how cute.

Ugh is how I feel right now, seems I am in yet another flare up of my wonderful crohn’s disease. I see my OB on Wednesday but I’m going to have to increase the prednisone before I see him. I just wish for once I were one of the 90% of people with this disease that gets better during pregnancy, ahh but I am of course, among the unfortunate that get much worse during pregnancy. BLAH!

Yesterday we went shopping and finally splurged on getting a new dining room table set. We decided since we are getting another family member we really do need a table set for at least 6. This one is great it has 4 chairs and a bench that the kids can sit across. I just can’t get over all the room too, we are so farrr away from each other at the table, it’s great. LOL.

Nothing much new going on here in my world. Running after kids as usual and doing the homework battle daily. I have been having some wonderful braxton hicks contractions the last few days and some of them have been pretty painful. Well painful enough to jog my memory on what the real thing feels like. I’m such a wimp.

By the way, have you seen I only have 47 days left, but who’s counting.

50 Days to GO!

Yayyy, I’m a little excited.

Today was just about as uneventful as any other day in my life. I did however get some pics taken of the crib and bedding set. We are getting pretty antsy now waiting to see little miss. Hubby and I were discussing what else we needed to get, to be ready for the baby, and the only thing I can think of is some diapers and wipes and that kind of gear. I don’t think I’m having a baby shower so I told him that we could start picking those things up in a couple of weeks. The only other thing that we absolutely need is a swing. It was my only savior with the last children. And of course, not like I have any of the stuff from my kids, because I GAVE IT ALL AWAY~! thinking that E was our last. Anyway, surprise! So a swing is on my mission for next week.

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