32 1/2 weeks

Yesterday I went to my OB visit, and I gained a shocking 5 lbs in the last 3 weeks! Ugh. Anyway, he was happy about it, I wasn’t. Anyway, baby is still head down, he did a quick ultrasound and she had the hiccups, yet again. It was pretty cool though because you can see how big all the internal organs are getting, the heart and liver were huge, well compared to the 20 week ultrasound. LOL. Anyway, B/P was fine, still have some swelling, he thinks some of the weight could be fluid too, because of the steroids. I am down to 5 mg of prednisone a day and that seems to be holding me fine. I asked about the baby having to be weaned and he said, not with such a low dose, so that was a relief, and he also said I can nurse too with while on the low dose. So it was a pretty good appointment. And I passed my glucose test too!~ yay. Now my visits are every 2 weeks, and of course he’s going away the end of March for a bit, just around when I am due, but there is a new female OB coming in his office to cover while he is gone.

My valentine’s was cute, hubby let me sleep in and got the kids ready for school and dropped them off. Then around 10am he came in with some breakfast, on a plate and the plate said, “I love you” so he had the food arranged around it. It was cute. And then he rented me some “romantic” movies, LOL, yah right, Saw 2 and Written in Blood. He put on Saw 2 and the first 5 minutes I had to leave the room, I can’t understand how he likes those gory disturbing movies. Overall it was a good day. Now he’s gone back to work, I always miss him while he’s gone.

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  1. Julie
    Feb 16, 2006 @ 14:29:00

    Thanks for the good wishes you left on our blog! I love your pregnancy ticker! Congratulations on your big addition… Its hard for me to imagine what it is like to be pregnant into the third trimester since I never got that far, but they do say that little babies really start to grow fast during that time! Do you feel like you have been pregnant forever??? I did (even though I only made it to 26 weeks 😉 Good luck on the birth!


  2. Karen
    Feb 16, 2006 @ 15:26:00

    Awww, sweet hubby. I’m glad your doctor appointment went well. I go today, and then in 2 weeks I’ll have the ultrasound like you just had. I’m worried about the weight gain thing too! But, it’s getting close…


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