Ok, I am so impatient about next Thursday to come. It’s terrible, I feel like a kid at Christmas waiting for Santa to come!! My worry now is that I’ll be all hyped up for the induction and something like a stupid massive snowstorm will hit, or he’ll use that gel and it won’t give me so much as a cramp. I have to stop thinking these things or I’ll go bonkers within the next week.

Anyway, hubby called his unit manager at work to tell her that he’ll need the 6th off next week and he also told her he would need the 7th and 8th off. Because he works 4 days on 4 days off all 12 hr shifts, 2 days to 2 nights. So he goes back on Wednesday and he requested the next 3 off. She actually thought that all he’d want off is Thursday. I’m like ok, who’s going to watch the kids during the night on Friday and Saturday, the magic fairy from la la land??? I’ll still be in the hospital for Friday night at least, depending on when I have the baby. That’s even if this works the first try. Anyway, whatever I don’t care if he is granted it without pay. There is enough casual nurses begging for work around here to be able to pick up the extra shifts.

My friend just came up and dropped off an order of hotwings. Ohhh they were soooooo good. I have been craving them for days and she got them for me. I’ve also been craving chocolate really badly. But I haven’t given into that craving yet. Well must get ready to watch ER tonight.


38 Week Check up

I went to see my OB today, as you know from my previous post. He weighed me and I lost another 2 pounds. B/P was 126/78 and I was measuring at 37wks. Heartrate is fine. He asked how I was doing and I told him I was feeling nasty. So he said, we can finish this soon if you like, so I am scheduled to have this baby on next Thursday! WOOO HOOOO!

No more office visits for me. He said, I’ll see you in L&D next week, at 8am.

Only 8 days to go!

I am pretty excited, a little disappointed she won’t be born on hubby’s birthday, but hey, she’ll be here and we’ll be home to celebrate it. Hubby was pretty excited when I called him at work. He was all like seriously, omg, it was too cute. This will be the earliest I’ve ever had one of my children, like I posted before they were all overdue. So this one will probably be the smallest.

My weekend was pretty much uneventful as all the other weekends I have been having for the last few months. LOL.

Yesterday I got a really big surprise. We had filed our taxes about 2 weeks ago, so we were expecting to get our checks soon, so we finally got them in the mail yesterday. I wasn’t in a hurry to open them because we already knew what our return was estimated as. So when I got home, I finally opened them up, my hubby’s first and he got exactly what he was supposed to get. When I opened mine, I got 3 times as much as I was supposed to get! Hubby was all like, it’s a mistake. blah blah. So I read the breakdown of it, apparently there was a mathematical error when filing it, due to all my tuition that wasn’t claimed. I had approximately 35,000 in tuition that wasn’t being claimed so god love revenue Canada they did it for me. LOL. So I got back pretty much all that I paid in last year. YAYYYYY~ It definitely made my day.

Other than that nothing new here. I have an OB appointment tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes, my OB is finally back. Hope he considers inducing sometime around my due date. I absolutely hate being overdue. I shall see tomorrow.

Belly Pic

Here it is, the latest belly pic. Almost 38 weeks. I just feel big and awkward now. Having a hard time getting comfortable too. Same old complaints, different day.

Was out cleaning up our car and getting ready to try and sell it. Hubby wants (actually is obsessed) to buy a 4 wheel drive vehicle. I hope he sells the other car and can get a few bucks together to try and buy a truck/jeep. I would love to be able to surprise him with something, but right now that’s just not a possibility. Hubby’s birthday is actually only 2 weeks away too. The baby is due the day after his birthday. I would love to have her on his birthday.

The Post About Nothing

As the name implies this post is just random thoughts about nothing in particular. I’ve been so darn tired lately I don’t have the energy to do much of anything. The highlight of my day is that hubby is off now for 3 more days, so he can help do some much needed cleaning of the house. I just find it so overwhelming when it’s just me having to run and chase after the kids.

I had my wonderful BH ctx last night. They were there teasing me for about 2 hours then left without a trace 😦

We finally started buying some outfits for the baby. Hubby got her a pair of jean overalls with a little off while color shirt with flowers on it, and a jean jacket. It’s pretty cute. He picks out such cute outfits, especially the one when little E was born.

The days are numbered until the big D day. Only 17 days to go! Just wish there were some way that I could magically fast forward the next 2 weeks. Oh well such is life. Only 5 more days until my next OB appointment. This time I have to take little E with me, now you know that’ll be the appointment he’ll want to do an internal, because that’s my kind of luck. LOL.

Braxton Hicks Are My Nemesis!

Well by the title you can see that I’ve been having those wonderful, play with your mind, make you think something is actually happening, pain the butt BH ctx. LOL.

Last night they started around 7pm and were pretty regular at about 15min apart. Like the typical ctx that you read about, from the back to the front. But I know better. I’ve had this happen with my last 2 children so my trick is, if I can manage to go to sleep and stay asleep, it isn’t the real deal. Of course I fell asleep watching American Idol and woke up to go to the bathroom at around 4am. No more pain in sight.

Anyway, I’m in a better mood today. Just the pressure of the baby is getting to me, it feels like at times she wants to fall out. (I wish it were that simple) Anyway that’s about it here.

37 Week Checkup……

Yah that was a complete and total waste of my time. I got there for my appointment and there wasn’t one other soul in the office waiting, he took me right in. When I was in there he did the usual, weighed me, listened to heartbeat, B/P, and measured me. I gave him my pee and he didn’t even do anything with it. I’m sure he’ll find that later in the day and wonder who the hell it belongs to. Anyway, when he finished the only thing he said to me was, “carry on”, “keep doing what you are doing”. This guy was replacing my OB while he was away. Now I know that they don’t entertain you or do anything spectacular ever at any visit, but I had no internal, no check, no GBS screen done, NOTTA NOTHING!

I think I may be pregnant forever.

So after that completely uneventful waste of my time, I went shopping. As any other annoyed woman would do. AND, I actually packed my bag. I am not sure what the hell for, because I am sure I’ll be a whopping 12 days overdue. I’ll beat my record!

Is it obvious that I am bitter today? Oh well, I hope this mood passes quickly.

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