The Post About Nothing

As the name implies this post is just random thoughts about nothing in particular. I’ve been so darn tired lately I don’t have the energy to do much of anything. The highlight of my day is that hubby is off now for 3 more days, so he can help do some much needed cleaning of the house. I just find it so overwhelming when it’s just me having to run and chase after the kids.

I had my wonderful BH ctx last night. They were there teasing me for about 2 hours then left without a trace 😦

We finally started buying some outfits for the baby. Hubby got her a pair of jean overalls with a little off while color shirt with flowers on it, and a jean jacket. It’s pretty cute. He picks out such cute outfits, especially the one when little E was born.

The days are numbered until the big D day. Only 17 days to go! Just wish there were some way that I could magically fast forward the next 2 weeks. Oh well such is life. Only 5 more days until my next OB appointment. This time I have to take little E with me, now you know that’ll be the appointment he’ll want to do an internal, because that’s my kind of luck. LOL.


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