Belly Pic

Here it is, the latest belly pic. Almost 38 weeks. I just feel big and awkward now. Having a hard time getting comfortable too. Same old complaints, different day.

Was out cleaning up our car and getting ready to try and sell it. Hubby wants (actually is obsessed) to buy a 4 wheel drive vehicle. I hope he sells the other car and can get a few bucks together to try and buy a truck/jeep. I would love to be able to surprise him with something, but right now that’s just not a possibility. Hubby’s birthday is actually only 2 weeks away too. The baby is due the day after his birthday. I would love to have her on his birthday.


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  1. Chas
    Mar 26, 2006 @ 02:54:00 sweet it would be for Daddy and Baby to share the same birthday! My mom really wanted my brother to be born on her birthday, but he was nine days before.


  2. angie
    Mar 26, 2006 @ 14:14:00

    I love your belly pic! Hang in there, hopefully you won’t have to wait too much longer! How awesome if the baby would come on Daddy’s birthday! You coudn’t ask for a better present for Daddy!


  3. Hannah
    Mar 26, 2006 @ 18:26:00

    You look great! Cute shirt, too! My shirts are getting too short, but I refuse to buy anymore at this point!


  4. Alyson
    Mar 26, 2006 @ 18:48:00

    I was born on my moms bday. I always thought I was really special because no one else I knew had their bday on their parent’s bday. Good luck with that. Anyway if it is not to be, then I hope you have the baby sooner than later.


  5. girl from florida
    Mar 27, 2006 @ 03:35:00

    Your belly looks so cute!!! All my shirts are getting too short too, ugh! Not much longer though šŸ™‚


  6. Lisanne
    Mar 27, 2006 @ 15:38:00

    Hi there! I found your blog through Hannah’s … and Shannon’s … and Girl from Florida’s, LOL! šŸ™‚ I’ll add you to my BlogRolling list. You look *super* cute! I *love* that shirt … where did you find it? I want some awesome spring/summer maternity clothes this time! šŸ™‚ Good luck with your labor and delivery! You sure don’t have much longer!


  7. Karen
    Mar 27, 2006 @ 15:38:00

    You look great! That would be sweet for them to share a birthday, but also for her to have her own. So either way it will work out great!


  8. Dazed
    Mar 27, 2006 @ 23:45:00

    Cute belly shot, love the shirt, so springy!


  9. Silly Hily
    Mar 28, 2006 @ 20:33:00

    They actually scheduled me to be induced on April 14 (if I don’t deliver by then) which is my birthday.


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