38 Week Check up

I went to see my OB today, as you know from my previous post. He weighed me and I lost another 2 pounds. B/P was 126/78 and I was measuring at 37wks. Heartrate is fine. He asked how I was doing and I told him I was feeling nasty. So he said, we can finish this soon if you like, so I am scheduled to have this baby on next Thursday! WOOO HOOOO!

No more office visits for me. He said, I’ll see you in L&D next week, at 8am.

Only 8 days to go!

I am pretty excited, a little disappointed she won’t be born on hubby’s birthday, but hey, she’ll be here and we’ll be home to celebrate it. Hubby was pretty excited when I called him at work. He was all like seriously, omg, it was too cute. This will be the earliest I’ve ever had one of my children, like I posted before they were all overdue. So this one will probably be the smallest.


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Hoping
    Mar 29, 2006 @ 22:14:00

    I am so excited for you!!!!! You finally get to meet that little babe!


  2. Devynn
    Mar 30, 2006 @ 00:39:00

    Oh, that’s so good for you! Good luck!


  3. Lesley
    Mar 30, 2006 @ 05:50:00

    Wow, how excited you must be.. I hope these last 7-8 days will not go slow for you..
    Wishing you the best & hoping your day was a nice one.


  4. angie
    Mar 30, 2006 @ 13:22:00

    YEAH!! What awesome news! I am really excited for you!


  5. Dazed
    Mar 30, 2006 @ 13:23:00

    Exciting!!! April baby!


  6. girl from florida
    Mar 30, 2006 @ 14:14:00

    NO FAIR!! I wonder if my OB will be as kind to me today?


  7. Karen
    Mar 30, 2006 @ 15:23:00

    Oh, wow! How fun for you! You must be so relieved to know when she’ll be there. My doc won’t induce unless I’m way past the due date.


  8. Silly Hily
    Mar 30, 2006 @ 17:08:00

    Congrats a thousand times over again. I bet you all but jumped on your doctor and hugged, kissed, and praised him for being the most wonderful person on the face of the earth (at that time).
    I’m so excited for you!


  9. Emmakirst
    Mar 30, 2006 @ 19:26:00

    Yah I’m pretty damn happy! I was actually surprised he even suggested it, but since I’ve been consistently losing weight in the last month (8lbs) he figures baby is better out than in. Since my crohn’s is in one nasty flare. So one benefit of this rotten disease, an actual induction date prior to the due date!


  10. Emma in Canada
    Mar 30, 2006 @ 21:38:00

    Lucky you. I wish I was almost done! Have you settled on a name yet?


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