I did it!

I actually went shopping with 4 children today. I fed baby as much as I could get her to feed and off we went. My oldest daughter wanted to go shopping for clothes, so we went and bought a few outfits for her. We still have to get more, she’s outgrown everything! I think we’ll go again next week. Of course the baby woke up while we were there, so I had to pick her up to stop her from crying. I think the funniest thing is when I see older people, like in their 60’s and 70’s, they look like there is no way that I could have all those kids. I mean, I get told a ton of times that I don’t look 20 years old and have one child, let alone 27 with 4 now. hehe. I just keep saying, tell me that when I’m 40 please 🙂

So I finally put the toy bar in front of the baby’s vibrating chair, and she actually loves it. She kicks her feet when it’s there, and stares at it. It’s really funny seeing a 3 wk old look like she’s enjoying the toy on it.

Anyway, must go feed baby again, she’s fussing.


Well, I went for my pedicure and facial today and I did not want to leave. I think I should move to a spa. hehe. Really though, it was great, definately a great gift on behalf of hubby! I told him that on mother’s day he should get me a full body massage gift certificate, since he’s too lazy to do it for me. (other than when he’s looking for love, lol). Thank goodness the woman doing the ped/facial watches American Idol, because I fell asleep yet again throughout the show and managed to miss completely who was kicked off this week.

My oldest daughter turned 10 today, along with my youngest turning 3 weeks. We went to the movies and saw benchwarmers. It was pretty funny, I really liked it, I think there were parts that were too mature for her in it, but not much I could do once we were there. Overall it wasn’t too bad. But I had a good laugh! Just looking at David Spade’s hair in that movie was hilarious. Anyway, she had a good time and I survived the outing.

This was basically the first day that I was really away from the baby. My pedicure/facial was at 12pm and took 2 hours. By the time I came home hubby had given her a bottle that I pumped. Then we went to the movies around 5pm and I never came home until about 9:30pm, and he just finished giving her a bottle of formula. For the last 3 days, I’ve been giving her one bottle a day of formula. My doctor has been talking about putting me on stronger medications for my chron’s disease and I want to make sure that she’ll take it, and she’s been loving it. I have been using Carnation Good Start, and she’s been doing great with it. She nurses from me all other times during the day so that’s not too bad.

We had an ice cream cake too for my daughter’s birthday, from DQ. Oh how I love those cakes 🙂

So, hubby was home last night, since he had just finished working 3 night shifts in a row.

Anyway, it was wonderful, I was actually able to fall asleep as soon as I wanted to, which was just after hearing Kelly Pickler sing, on American Idol. LOL. He then cuddled with baby and tucked her into bed, just after I fed her. She slept (in her crib) from 11pm until 5:15am. Every time that I would wake up through the night to make sure she was breathing, she would start grunting but quickly go back to sleep. It was the longest the baby has slept all at once. It would be so great if she did this again tonight. Here’s hoping.

I finally booked my pedicure and facial for tomorrow afternoon. My hubby had bought me a gift certificate at Christmas, but I thought I would appreciate it much more after the baby came, and I realize that yes, I certainly will enjoy that a heck of a lot more now! hehe.

I had to post up this pic. This is my 2nd youngest daughter when she was about the same age as A now. Not hard to tell they are siblings. lol. Just she had way more hair then baby does now.

Show’s ya how bored I was today =)

I finally took the baby in to where I used to work to let the “girls” see her. They of course ooohed and awwed over her, but everyone just melts when babies are around. It was pretty funny seing the older patients all coming out of their rooms to have a look at baby too.

Anyway, baby is going through another growth spurt, she was up every 2 hours throughout the night. It was such a long nigt, as soon as I fell asleep, she’d wake, yikes. Hope it’s a better night tonight.

Well I’m off to watch American Idol, hope it’s a good episode, lately they haven’t been singing very well.

Yesterday I went to a baby shower for my hubby’s cousin who is 18 and is 8 1/2 months pregnant with her first baby. She had a huge turnout of people and got over 1000 dollars not including all the gifts, swing, car seat, etc. That was so nice that she received all of this since she didn’t have a thing for her baby, but she’ll be more than prepared now 🙂

I have resorted to using a soother. I am sick of being the human soother for baby. She has been nursing more often, only to fall asleep at times too. It’s very tiring so I finally found a soother that she’ll take. And she knows when she’ll accept the soother and when that’s just not good enough for her she’ll have a mad fit and spit it out. It’s pretty funny that a person so small has such an individual personality already.

My oldest daughter’s birthday is on Thursday. She’s going to be 10 yrs old. I can’t believe that I’m a mom of a 10 year old, let alone have 4 children. For her party she wants me to take her and a friend out to the movies, so this will be my first time out of the house without baby. She’ll be home with her dad so I’ll have to “pump up” and get ready for the outing. hehe.

Sunday, I was daring enough to venture out to church will all 4 children and my father in law. The older children were great they are very well behaved when they go to church, but little miss here decided it was mommy soother time and that the plastic one just wasn’t going to cut it. Thank god there was only about 10 minutes left that I could rock her and comfort her until we got out to the car. I just don’t really like nursing in public, I mean I have done it before and am very discreet about it, but it’s just not for me.

Anyway, that’s about all I have for now, I’m pretty tired, still so sleep deprived. Hubby is working his 3rd night shift in a row. Can’t wait to have him here to help out with baby tomorrow night 🙂

Another Cute pic :)

She’s so serious! This pic was taken just before her power puke alllll over me!

Last night hubby came home with a movie for me to watch. It was Hostel. Now, I absolutely hate gory movies full of blood and stuff. I just can’t sit through them at all. What does he bring home?? A movie, JAM PACKED full of blood and gore!

We watched Survivor last night first, poor little Bruce with his massive bowel obstruction, YIKES. Anyway, I had managed to get baby down to sleep at around 8:30pm, in her crib I must add. So I fell asleep halfway through Survivor, then hubby put on that movie. I woke up during one part of the movie, where a man was getting his fingers chopped off with a chainsaw, and other stuff that I refused to watch!

Hubby thinks that I have no taste in movies and I am “not allowed” to pick movies out. LOL. I like comedy and romance movies. He has been married to me now for 8 years, you think he would get it that I hate bloody movies.

Baby girl had her first massive puke session earlier today. Oh I knew it was coming from the gagging out of her, since she thinks I am her human soother. Anyway, grabbed a towel to try and preserve my clothes from puke, but that was a failed attempt. All over me, and her face in her eyes, over her hair! Poor little girl, had to put her in the tub again, her most hated time of the day. Then she cuddled on my chest from all her drama that happened to her. Sobbing the whole time.

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