39weeks 2 days

Here it is the last belly pic that I’ll be taking. See my sexy white bra just creeping through the shirt. hehe. Anyway, my I am rather large and round in this pic!

Thank God, so far I haven’t gotten the flu. If I haven’t gotten it yet, I am guessing that I won’t get it. (here’s praying I don’t) Hubby is a bit better, well better enough that he went to work.

Little E is here helping me out cleaning up the living room since my children love to destroy it daily. I told my son that tomorrow is the big day that we “might” get to meet his new sister. (since I know that inductions don’t always work right away) He was so excited. It’s pretty cute to see a 6 year old boy get excited moreso then his 2 sisters about the new baby coming. My little brother in law’s girlfriend brought over a present for baby and it is a homemade baby blanket and it is pretty cute. Well the boy took it out of the bag it came and said, “isn’t this beautiful?” He can make me laugh with some of the cute things he’ll say.

Well I’m off to go to town to do some last minute shopping for things for my bag. Because of course it’s not totally ready. The main things are in it, but need toilitries. I’ll probably post again later on tonight because I won’t be able to sleep!


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Hoping
    Apr 05, 2006 @ 15:10:00

    you are so close…..is this your last pregnancy? from the looks of it it looks like you could “go” anytime!


  2. Julie
    Apr 05, 2006 @ 15:23:00

    Good luck tomorrow!!! Hoping your labor is fast and painless! Not sure if you read the board, or my blog… but little Alivya is coming home this afternoon! In a way, its like her new birthday! I can’t wait to hear your good news soon!!! Remember slow deep breaths!


  3. Mary Boston
    Apr 05, 2006 @ 16:23:00

    Hooray! so close! I can’t wait to see pics of that little baby of yours! I hope you have a great birth and can’t wait to hear the details!


  4. Karen
    Apr 05, 2006 @ 18:58:00

    Good luck! I hope the induction does work right away so you don’t have a longer labor than necessary. I can’t wait to hear about it!


  5. girl from florida
    Apr 05, 2006 @ 19:12:00

    aughhhh I can’t wait!!! I hope you’re able to post SOON and tell us all about your induction so I’ll know what to expect on Monday 🙂


  6. angie
    Apr 05, 2006 @ 19:24:00

    You look so good in your pic- I hope I look this good at 39 weeks!!! I am so very excited for you. Please post as soon as you can and let us know how you and the little princess are doing!


  7. Emma in Canada
    Apr 05, 2006 @ 20:20:00

    Best of luck tomorrow, looking forward to hearing all about it!


  8. AnnaBana
    Apr 05, 2006 @ 23:30:00

    Your post gave me butterflies in my stomach!


  9. Lesley
    Apr 06, 2006 @ 03:13:00

    I am nervous and excited for you. Your looking great!
    Best wishes for the birth and your soon to be new arrival.
    Take care,


  10. 1012jlsamm
    Apr 06, 2006 @ 18:39:00

    Wow! Look at that beautiful round belly.

    Thanks for visiting my site.


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