This is It!

Well here I am, only a half hour before I am leaving to go to the hospital. I can’t get over how nervous/excited I am. Nervous since it has been 5 yrs since I went through this. Yes I know I at least know what to expect, but really once this time has passed, you truly forget it. I am sitting here ready to barf at any given second. The darn butterfly feeling in my stomach, along with baby kicking the crap out of me, is making me nauseated. And I have no desire to eat. NONE!

I was up till about 12pm last night, slept until 3am, woke up and started watching Reba and Married with Children, then made one final half assed attempt at sleeping. Needless to say, I didn’t get much last night.

Anyway, next time I post something here, I should have a baby home with me. 🙂
Hopefully the gals that are due around the same time have their babies this weekend too 🙂


12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jenhen
    Apr 06, 2006 @ 12:22:00

    Woo! Good luck! I hope everything goes smoothly!!


  2. angie
    Apr 06, 2006 @ 12:24:00

    I’m thinking of you!!!! Goodluck!


  3. Dazed
    Apr 06, 2006 @ 14:16:00

    Good luck, how wonderful!!!! Cant wait to “meet” and read about your newest little one!!!


  4. girl from florida
    Apr 06, 2006 @ 14:27:00

    Can’t wait to hear all about it! GOOD LUCK!


  5. Hoping
    Apr 06, 2006 @ 16:29:00

    Oh, good luck! happy times!


  6. Lisanne
    Apr 06, 2006 @ 16:32:00

    Wishing you all the best! Can’t wait to hear about everything … thinking of you!


  7. Chas
    Apr 06, 2006 @ 16:44:00

    Oh my goodness…it’s about to happen. I’m so excited for you…can’t wait to hear about it!!


  8. Silly Hily
    Apr 06, 2006 @ 20:47:00

    Just hearing you talk made me nervous and I’ve also been through it before. I’m so excited for you! Good luck and congrats!


  9. Emma in Canada
    Apr 07, 2006 @ 00:14:00

    Ack! I was hoping that maybe you had gotten your husband to post some details. I think it’s gone 9 your time so I’m assuming she’s born. Or maybe not, 2 of my 3 weren’t here after 12 hours.


  10. pregnancyweekly
    Apr 07, 2006 @ 18:46:00

    Belated good luck! Can’t wait to see the first post with the first pic!


  11. Hannah
    Apr 08, 2006 @ 03:21:00

    Hope everything is going well. I have been thinking of you. 🙂


  12. Lesley
    Apr 08, 2006 @ 04:11:00

    Wishing you the best and hoping all went smoothly. I bet bubby is adorable..
    Take care and best wishes.


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