We’re Home!

Well I’m pretty tired. I’ll post the crazy birth story soon when I get time to think clearly again. Anyway, she was born
April 6th @ 8:36pm.
7lbs 8oz
20 inches long


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lisanne
    Apr 09, 2006 @ 00:25:00

    She’s beautiful! Congratulations! I’m *so* happy for you … can’t wait to hear more! Oh no, a “crazy” birth story? Hope everything went OK!


  2. Chas
    Apr 09, 2006 @ 00:57:00

    Oh my…she’s gorgeous! I just want to pinch those chubby cheeks :). I’d love to know which name you decided on.


  3. Lesley
    Apr 09, 2006 @ 05:11:00

    Beautiful, Congratulations Mummy. Looking forward to hearing about it. Get some rest, well try to.
    Congrats again to you and your family.


  4. Hannah
    Apr 09, 2006 @ 19:21:00

    She’s gorgeous! I am so excited for you! Can’t wait to hear about the birth!


  5. Hoping
    Apr 10, 2006 @ 00:45:00

    congrats! she is beautiful…..


  6. jenhen
    Apr 10, 2006 @ 14:00:00

    Congrats!!! She is a cutie!!


  7. Silly Hily
    Apr 10, 2006 @ 15:26:00

    Oh wow! That is one beautiful little girl. Congrats!


  8. Mary Boston
    Apr 10, 2006 @ 19:11:00

    Oh my gosh, look at that cute little nose of hers! What a beautiful little girl!


  9. angie
    Apr 11, 2006 @ 00:15:00

    She is absolutlely beauitful!!!!


  10. Claudia
    Apr 11, 2006 @ 15:49:00

    What a cutie! I’m late to the party, but wanted to wish you Congratulations on your beautiful baby!


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