Last night hubby came home with a movie for me to watch. It was Hostel. Now, I absolutely hate gory movies full of blood and stuff. I just can’t sit through them at all. What does he bring home?? A movie, JAM PACKED full of blood and gore!

We watched Survivor last night first, poor little Bruce with his massive bowel obstruction, YIKES. Anyway, I had managed to get baby down to sleep at around 8:30pm, in her crib I must add. So I fell asleep halfway through Survivor, then hubby put on that movie. I woke up during one part of the movie, where a man was getting his fingers chopped off with a chainsaw, and other stuff that I refused to watch!

Hubby thinks that I have no taste in movies and I am “not allowed” to pick movies out. LOL. I like comedy and romance movies. He has been married to me now for 8 years, you think he would get it that I hate bloody movies.

Baby girl had her first massive puke session earlier today. Oh I knew it was coming from the gagging out of her, since she thinks I am her human soother. Anyway, grabbed a towel to try and preserve my clothes from puke, but that was a failed attempt. All over me, and her face in her eyes, over her hair! Poor little girl, had to put her in the tub again, her most hated time of the day. Then she cuddled on my chest from all her drama that happened to her. Sobbing the whole time.


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  1. owlhaven
    Apr 21, 2006 @ 23:16:00

    Oh, sweet baby….

    Mary, mom to many


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