Holy Hot!

Ok, I can’t get over how hot as hell it is out these days. It’s more the humidity then anything. I really hope we get a thunderstorm soon and get rid of this humid weather.

I’ve been taking the kids to the beach the last few days, they just love it there. What kid wouldn’t?? It’s still pretty damn cold for them to get in the water, but they sure try hard to convince me to let them in.

Poor little E has a Terrible cough. She’s up half the night barking with it. She doesn’t sound congested or anything, and no wheezing, so I’m thinking maybe post-nasal drip irritation. Who knows, just started though last night, so I’ll keep an eye on it.

Tomorrow is Grading Day for the kids. They are soooo happy, first, that school is finally out for the summer and second, that they get a present for grading 🙂 We’ll take them out to buy something tomorrow after they get their report cards. My son got his journal back from school this year and oh there were some entries that I couldn’t stop laughing at. He’s in grade primary and one of the things the teacher does is to get them to draw a picture in the journal then to try and spell what it is they drew. Then she’ll write underneath it for us to see how close he was to what he was trying to spell. Anyway, you get to see the progression over the year. Well one entry made me crack up laughing, it said, “If a bully chases you and puts you upside down and steals your lunch money you should tell someone” Another thing was “goats have fleas”. hahahaha. The teacher told me how it’s just random things that the kids will put in their journal. I thought both of them were pretty cute. hehe.

Anyway, must go to bed, lately I’ve been getting some horrible headaches, I’m assuming it’s due to the weather. Urgh. So of course, I have yet another one, so must try and sleep it off.


Fiddleheads, YUCK!

This folks is what yucky fiddleheads look like.

Ok, in response to people asking what a fiddlehead is in my last post on the questionnaire, thought I’d post a pic and give you what this site has to say about them. I personally think that they are disgusting, my hubby likes them. YUCK. Just thinking of them make me sick.

“Fiddleheads emerge in their miniature dervish dancers around the first week of May. In lowland forests from the Great Lakes to the Maritimes of Canada the Ostrich Fern emerges in profusion. Tiny gray-green spirals reaching into the first really warm days of Spring. Each of them wearing their own little fur overcoat to protect them when it was chillier weather. Snapped up and eaten by whoever has the sense and taste to do it.”

If you want to go wild and read more about those lovely things, go here:


Fur, ewww!

Another Questionnaire

Totally stole this from Emma in Canada’s blog.

Accent: Canadian, good ol’ East Coast accent. Really you’d laugh if you heard me talking. I usually post the way I’d speak, completely guilty of using eh.

Booze: Coolers, usually vodka. I don’t think I have gotten drunk in a veryyyyyyyy long time. Alcohol must be totally disguised for me to drink it, hate the taste of it.

Chore I hate: I soooo hate putting laundry away. I’ll do the wash, I’ll fold, put it in the basket to go down to the kids room and then it’ll stay on my bedroom floor until the kids have worn all the clean clothes out of it. Ridiculous. I just really hate putting them away. I don’t really mind anything else.

Dogs/Cats: One dog, Mia.

Essential electronics: My computer and my DVD player. Since my VCR is broken, need to have something to watch movies on.

Favourite perfume: I don’t particularly like anything. I don’t wear it. As a nurse, the hospital policy Scent Free Zone, you just get used to never wearing anything. But men’s cologne I LOVE Drakkar Noir. I don’t if I spelled that right, but I’m sure you get my point.

Gold/Silver: Right now, I have my gold wedding band, and engagement ring on, and my X ring. Also have a pair of gold hoops in my ears.

Hometown: The closest I’ll tell is it’s in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Insomnia: Not a friggen chance, I could sleep alllll day and all night I’m sure if given the chance but yah know, baby loves to disrupt that these days 🙂

Job title: Off on maternity leave right now, but I’m a Registered Nurse and MOM!

Kids: R 10, E 6, Little E 5, and A 2 mos, 3wks.

Living arrangements: With my hubby, kids and dog, in the woods in a 3 bedroom home. Totally need to build a new house, the baby’s crib is right next to my bed. Can’t stay like that much longer than a year.

Most admired trait: I don’t think I have one.

Number of sexual partners: 4.

Overnight Hospital Stays: 7….Severely sick during 1st pregnancy had to go on IV fluids for a few days, baby, baby again, gallbladder attack during pregnancy, baby, pancreatitis in for a week~!, then baby.

Phobia: bugs that bite. I really hate them. I suppose I have a fear of heights too.

Quote: Too tired to think of one.

Religion: Baptist.

Siblings: Just one brother, J, 3 yrs older than I am.

Time I usually wake up: About 7, or earlier if the baby has me up for the day at an earlier time than that. But for the kids to get ready for school I have to start getting them ready at 7am. But hell, SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER!

Unusual talent: I don’t believe I have one.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: Hmmm, I hate cauliflower. It’s nasty. I don’t really care for fiddleheads they are just gross.

Worst habit: I bite my nails and crack my fingers, toes, knees and neck. Yah, I’m screwed I’ll be all crippled up in about 10 years.

X-rays: Wrist to see about arthritis, upper GI series and Small Bowel Follow Through for my Crohn’s. Really great tests. Yummmmy Barium, UGH, I gag right now thinking of it that chalky yuck. EWWWWW.

Yummy foods I make: Manicotti, and my BBQ ribs are pretty damn good too.

Zodiac sign: Cancer.

That’s it!

The time when hubby is off of work just flys by. I can’t get over how quickly 4 days go by. He’s already working his first night, then tomorrow night, then off for 4 days.

I am home alone (well not really, baby is here with me). The kids are at a sleepover at their grandparents house. I can’t believe it! They took all 3 of them and it was their idea~! Anyway, I am sitting here, no hubby, baby sleeping and I can’t think of one damn thing to do for myself. I’m not tired at the moment, TV sucks on Monday night, so what do I do? I don’t have a book to read, well nothing that interests me at the moment. *sigh* So here I am blogging.

I am going shopping with my mother on Wednesday, she’s going to buy me a new outfit for my birthday. I can’t wait! I haven’t bought anything for myself in a long time. I’d like to wait until I lose some more weight until I get some clothes, but at the rate I’m going what the hell. Oh speaking of weight, I lost another 0.5lbs, bringing me to a total of 2 lbs in 2 weeks. Ahaha! Not too bad when I’m not really doing anything at all but standing on a scale once a week. Sure better than hubby, he’s only lost 0.5lbs so far!~

Oh I have to post about my son again. My goodness he says some pretty funny things, usually involving me nursing the baby. haha.

boy: MOM! The baby has her hand on your boob, she’s touching your boob! Starts laughing uncontrollably.

Me: *laughs* (that’s all I can do) Thinks to myself, ahhh yes her hand is on my boob, nevermind the fact that she’s SUCKING on it! What a kid!

Ok, must end the post with some recent baby pics. Here’s one of her with a new outfit i couldn’t resist buying. It’s got a pink hat with a tie similar to the tie around the neck. I love it!

I was just scrolling down the page and reading my older posts and realized that my post for June 22, sounded as though I was giving an acceptance speech for receiving an Emmy! HAHA. Oh the little things that amuse me these days.

Anyway, tried the diaper cream on her fat neck rolls and wouldn’t ya know, it’s much better today. Not as bright red as it was. Thanks for the tips. 🙂 You’d swear I never did this before 😛

I think after you have kids (well for me, lately, it feels as though I am losing my brains) No really, I really think that I’m not as “bright” as I was prior to this pregnancy. hehe. Now I have always had my dumb blonde moments, but lately I seem to be worse. I lose things, ie. car keys. Just misplaced them and then have to sit there and try and visually think of where I last put them. Hmmm, must be the lack of adult stimulation maybe? The fact that I am not at work? See, I was always the type of person that had to constantly be doing something. Like school, studying to be a nurse, now that I’ve fulfilled this, there’s no more school. It’s just work. Strange. Oh well, this is what my big ol’ blog is all about, me babbling about crap that I wonder about. LOL.

Anyway, it’s as hot as hell in this house, must go outside in my gazebo with my patio furniture! 🙂 Take care all.

5 Things

5 things . . . .

5 items in my fridge:
1. Diet Pepsi. I always have a case of canned diet pepsi. I’m such a pop junkie it’s not even fit!

2. Milk. Like 2, 4 litre big ass jugs of skim milk, because with 5 people drinking it, it goes pretty darn fast in this house.

3. Eggs. I have 2 dozen eggs at all times. The kids LOVE french toast so when I make it, it usually takes up a whole loaf of bread and about half dozen eggs.

4. Steak. We are bbq’ing tonight.

5. Yougurt. We all love it. So there’s tons here all the time.

5 items in my closet:

1. Lots and lots of my uniforms. Won’t be needing them for awhile. So hung them all up.

2. Christmas decorations. Lots of them. I collect hallmark christmas ornaments and I have a ton that I bought for 2005, so they are sitting there on the floor staying away from being broken from my kids.

3. Suitcases. We bought a set of 4 last year so they all sit in each other, yah know the ones with the different sizes. Anyway they are residing in my closet right now.

4. All my dressy tops and pants (that don’t fit me right now, I might add). Stuff that has to be hung up, since I took my treadmill over to my inlaws. ( I needed the room for a crib, LOL).

5. A CD rack, I have tons and tons of CD’s. I just don’t have any time to listen to them anymore. Hmm, wonder why??

5 items in my car:

1. Car seats, yes that’s plural. I have 3 of them. 2 booster seats for the 5&6 yr olds and the infant seat for my baby.

2. A stroller, that I never take out to use because I’m too damn lazy to set it up, it’s humongous, I can’t wait until she’s old enough to fit in the umbrella strollers.

3. Mail, old crappy mail. Stuff that has to be thrown out, but I haven’t quite gotten to it, what a slacker.

4. Toys. Lot’s of them. The kids are forever taking an extra toy into the van each time we go somewhere, and they are just piling up.

5. CD’s. I can actually listen to them when I’m driving, but most of it is kid’s crap. Urgh.

5 items in my purse:

1. Pictures of the kids.

2. Pens.

3. Tylenol

4. Credit cards, my God I have too many of them.

5. Pennies. My purse is filled with them. Can’t ever seem to get rid of them.

Need some Advice…

Ok fellow bloggers, needing advice again.

My little chubba baby has such huge fat rolls everywhere. Well with her neck her rolls are always in the way. Now with all this damn humidity that we are having, her neck under her 3rd friggen roll is reddened. It just looks awful. After her bath I swear I have to fight her to put her neck back a bit so I can dry it all off because I’m sure that’s the cause. Anywho, just wondering what the heck I can do to make it go away. I’m sure the best cure is drying the area out, but HOW when this kid is always scrunched up and won’t tip her head back for any length of time. Even when I lay her on her back the area is still all covered in rolls. LOL. Poor little girl. It just looks sore.

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