So yesterday I babysat my nephew , yet again. She keeps catching me off guard asking me, “what are you doing tomorrow?” and stupid me answers with “nothing”. Then the trap is set! I don’t want to be lying to her because that’s just wrong, but anyway, what can you do? I have a hard time saying no I guess. Just wish I didn’t have to be put in that situation in the first place.

Anyway, I finally decided to ask her where she was going, because last time I had him, she was taking some day long seminar thing. I don’t mind half as much for a reason like that. Well, get this, she made an appointment at a spa! A 6 hr day spa package. OMG, I bit my tongue soo hard, and said that’s nice. WHAT THE HELL???? I’m sorry but 1) that’s a thing that you plan when hubby can watch your kids, not your sis in law that has 4 of her own, not to mention new baby. 2) who the in right mind would expect someone to just watch their kid so they could do that for the day? Crap, that’s what daycare is for! Anyway, I’m sure the princess had a great time.

She also came and took all my maternity clothes the other day. I can’t believe how sad I am. How crazy is that? I am really upset by the fact that I won’t ever have another child. Hubby also made his appointment for a referral for a vasectomy. I guess just the whole definite ending of it is getting me down, but hell I have 4 children! Anyway, must be PMS, since I’m pretty sure I’ve started already. Urgh. Not like she needs the maternity clothes. She isn’t even pregnant. But the whole having them gone for good, is just another part of my life gone for good. šŸ˜¦ Damn PMS! hehe.

The kids are all sick here in my house with a terrible cough/cold. I think the baby even has a touch of it. She’s stuffed up at times, so I use those saline drops to help clear her nose. I’m just scared of her getting RSV, since it’s still pretty rampant here. šŸ˜¦

Anyway, it shall be a boring day. Cold, damp and raining and hubby is back to work. I’m sure I’ll be posting again later today. šŸ™‚


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  1. Tonya
    Jun 08, 2006 @ 12:21:00

    *falls over* OMG is the day spa long enough ya think? Im afraid I would not be Not having a bunch of kids myself.. I guess Im just a


  2. Hoping
    Jun 08, 2006 @ 14:01:00

    you need to stand up to her…..really you do. She is just getting free day care out of you– it makes me mad when people do that to family…take them for granted.

    stand up for yourself girl!

    hope the kids feel better, and hope baby doesnt get RSV…

    have a good day yourself šŸ™‚


  3. Emma in Canada
    Jun 08, 2006 @ 14:56:00

    I’d like to say that I would have said not a chance am I babysitting so you can go to the spa, but I wouldn’t have. I’d have sucked it up and then done some massive bitching. My question is would she ever take your two youngest so you could do the same?


  4. Emmakirst
    Jun 08, 2006 @ 15:45:00

    She may take them, it’s iffy. I remember I had asked her to watch my middle 2 children when I was stuck for sitters before when both hubby and I were in school, anyway, she was pretty pissy about watching them but did it, I just hate the idea of my kids being a “burden” on someone else. So, I just don’t ask. Then she can’t bitch about it like i do! hahaha

    My hubby has a great schedule, 4 days on 4 days off, so I could do that.


  5. Merr
    Jun 08, 2006 @ 19:32:00

    Sorry you aren’t having a good day. You know I always wonder if I will be upset when I have my last child. I love being pregnant and giving birth, I can’t imagine not having the option to do it again. I think It will be really hard, but I know I just can’t be pregnant forever!


  6. Anonymous
    Jun 09, 2006 @ 11:19:00

    Well, maybe your nephew brought home to the Spa Princess the cold and sickness that is at your house!

    Seriously, didn’t you tell her that your kids were sick before you watched your nephew? And, if you did, what did she say? Did Spa Princess not care?

    I agree with what others have already written — you need to stand up to this freeloader.


  7. miraclebaby
    Jun 09, 2006 @ 16:17:00

    Ok a spa day??? I think you need to tell her how it is, sounds like she is taking advantage of you, girlie!


  8. Dazed
    Jun 09, 2006 @ 18:07:00

    Like hell she went to the spa for 6 hours…you need to say HELL TO THE NO next time she tries that scam on you. And I came from a fam with 4 kids…4 kids is perfect (especially that third kid, they are the best..hahahaha (me).


  9. Ashley & Charles
    Jun 09, 2006 @ 18:42:00

    You must be a lot nicer than I am, I would have said no way in hell. Although, since I don’t know your whole situation, I guess I can’t say a whole lot. But maybe start asking her to watch your kids as often as you watch hers, and perhaps she’ll get the hint!


  10. DarrellH
    Jun 11, 2006 @ 15:23:00

    Tell the husband that he is a brave, brave man. He’s a better man that I.

    Scalpel + Genitals? Uh uh!!!!!!

    I do have to say that it sounds less “bad” than the uninformed me believed before. I just read up on it and it is still scary, but not as terrifying as I once thought…


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