Urgh. That’s what I must title this post.

I feel like absolute CRAP! I have a terrible cold and awful cough, and my sinuses are acting up I swear I thought my head was going to blow up last night. At 12am I took some tylenol for the throbbing, unbearable pain in my skull only to be woken up again at 3:30am by my asshole dog barking her head off. Anyway, had to take more tylenol and of course baby woke up at that time too. It just hurt to talk to her at that time. What a whiner eh? Anyway, baby was ready to play by the time 4am rolled around, so it was some much needed quality time with her swing and bear mobile. LOL. She did fall asleep pretty quickly and I put her back to bed around 5am.

Then I was up at 7am for the day. Oh I think I am wearing out. I am just way too tired lately. Hubby sucks, all he does is work then plays some Xbox and doesn’t help me out around the house. I actually mowed the lawn yesterday in the heat, I thought I was going to die of overheating. He’s like why did you do that? Oh lets see the kids are getting lost in our grass, hellooooo, someone has to do it. I just feel like I want to crawl in a hole and sleep for a few days, uninterrupted by anyone, ahaha then I woke up!

On a different topic, I am super excited that Big Brother will be on tomorrow night and I just found out today that another Rock Star show starts tonight. I’m such a goof, I absolutely loved RockStar INXS, I hope this one doesn’t let me down. It’s far better than American Idol in my opinion.

Oh and I hate my internet connection. I can view blogs but when I pull up to post a comment, half the time it’ll say site not found. So hopefully that’ll stop soon.


12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Hannah
    Jul 05, 2006 @ 22:51:00

    Hope you feel better soon!


  2. Mandy Lynn
    Jul 05, 2006 @ 23:02:00

    I hope you feel better soon too 😦

    I think you and Maddy are in the same boat. Poor baby’s head is so heavy she keeps leaning it backward. She is drugged on Benadryl too though so that could explain the weird heaviness she is exhibiting 🙂 I think Blogger is having trouble again because I am having some issues posting comments too today.


  3. Petunia
    Jul 06, 2006 @ 01:37:00

    You need to get on your husband’s butt and make him cut the grass. You have enough to do! I’m so excited about Big Brother, too!


  4. Jessica
    Jul 06, 2006 @ 02:23:00

    Hope you feel better! I totally know what you mean about mowing the grass (this Florida heat is torture!). One time when I mowed in my first trimester I made myself so sick I ended up throwing up! :p Hubbie’s turn now!


  5. Kathy
    Jul 06, 2006 @ 02:27:00

    Ick. I’m sorry you’re not feeling good. I hope it all goes away soon so that you can get back to normal.

    I’ve heard several other people complaining they couldn’t post comments either. It must be a blogger issue.


  6. Ashley & Charles
    Jul 06, 2006 @ 03:11:00

    You need to kick your hubby’s ass. That’s so not cool. I listened to that new rock show while eating dinner, and thought everyone sucked! What did you think?


  7. Emmakirst
    Jul 06, 2006 @ 10:24:00

    I was pretty let down about it, there was only one guy that was ok. He sung that black crows song. I’m not impressed, I was let down. 😦


  8. Anita
    Jul 06, 2006 @ 13:16:00

    Hi there sorry to hear your feeling sick, and the worst colds are usually the summer ones I think because the weather is so nice and your sick…
    Your going to have to get that hubby to help more,you have to have time for yourself.
    Well I am glad I didn’t stay up to watch rockstar by the sounds of it you guys hated it..lol
    Maybe they will get better.
    Anyway take care and talk to you soon.


  9. Karen
    Jul 06, 2006 @ 18:30:00

    Yuck, I hate when I feel sick and can’t remember what it’s even like not to feel sick. I hope you’re feeling better!


  10. Merr
    Jul 06, 2006 @ 19:55:00

    Dang, sorry you are having a crap fest. Hope it turns into a happy fest soon.


  11. Devynn
    Jul 06, 2006 @ 23:54:00

    AWWWWWWW…I hope you feel better soon. That’s awful. I totally know what you mean about having to get up with the baby when you feel like crap. I get migraines, and it is DANG hard to get up with him when he is crying, but I have to make it stop or my head will explode. I really hope you feel better.


  12. Chas
    Jul 07, 2006 @ 01:51:00

    Get well soon!


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