So I did go to the Doctor and got me some antibiotics to clear up my sore boob problem. I’m already starting to notice a difference, thank goodness. What a way to spend my birthday though, waking up to that pain. 😦

Anyway, the kids got me an ice cream cake and since we are going away next week we figured we’d save the money and get something away, cause can’t go on a vacation without shopping!

Tonight is hubby’s last night of work for a whole month! I am sooo happy! We really lucked out this year to both have the summer off. Last year I worked pretty much everyday, since I was working at the hospital and at a nursing home. Oh well, I can enjoy my summer now 🙂

Did anyone watch Canada’s Next Top Model? It certainly was nothing compared to America’s version, but it gave me something to watch on a weekly basis. I was super pissed at who won last night though, of all people that Andrea won. Blah.

Oh the baby started doing the funniest thing today, I was making fart sounds with my mouth at her and she was doing the exact same thing to me. It was just too sweet. She’s certainly changing on a daily basis. I also finally took the digital pics in to get printed off to start her photo album. I tried her with a bit of rice cereal today, since she’s starving lately (I’m sure another wonderful growth spurt) and she absolutely LOVED it. Ate it off the spoon, even started talking with her mouth full, hehe.

Well that’s about all that’s been happening. Took my pc in to get fixed because it was all screwed up and had to get a new modem, pretty sure that the lightening fried it that time. I have to get a power surge bar, I only have a power bar, stupid me forgot to pick one up today. My luck we’ll get some lightening today and ZAP! it’ll go again.


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  1. Chas
    Jul 21, 2006 @ 13:47:00

    Canada’s Next Top Model?? We obviously don’t get that here, but I wish we did..I LOVE America’s Next Top Model. I was a HUGE Danielle fan; so glad she won. I just looked at the CNTM website…teh prettiest girl definitely didn’t win.


  2. Lisanne
    Jul 21, 2006 @ 15:50:00

    I hope that you are feeling better now. Glad you got some medicine! Ice cream cakes ROCK!


  3. Shannon
    Jul 21, 2006 @ 15:54:00

    glad ya got the boobs fixed… gotta make sure that the boob juice and flow from the tap hehehe… where are you going on vaction?


  4. Silly Hily
    Jul 21, 2006 @ 18:19:00

    Ice cream cake!!! Yummmm!
    Silly Boy also seems to be really hungry lately. I guess maybe it’s time I try some cereal with him.


  5. Merr
    Jul 21, 2006 @ 19:08:00

    Glad the boob is better. Happy belated Birthday as well!!


  6. Tonya
    Jul 21, 2006 @ 19:11:00

    I hope you had a great birthday Emma 🙂 Glad you got the boob problem fixed.. ouch!!


  7. Anita
    Jul 22, 2006 @ 12:23:00

    Hi there

    Hope your doing well, I have been sorting things out it seems like when I get something fixed in my mind something else comes up it’s hard at times.

    We had that bad storm on monday and I guess even with a power bar my pc got a little jolt and fried my main hard drive so I was without a pc my ex gave me an older hard drive with loads of space on it…lol but the pc is slow and freezes up so still trying to get it up to par…so I know what its like.

    Hope you have a great vacation and happy birthday…
    Take care for now


  8. Hoping
    Jul 22, 2006 @ 19:43:00

    Happy Birthday!


  9. Kathy
    Jul 23, 2006 @ 00:25:00

    I’m glad you’re starting to feel better already. I wish you hadn’t said anything, though, because you apparently reminded my boobs that they hadn’t had an infection in a while. I woke up this morning with the same problem. Ouch!


  10. Hannah
    Jul 23, 2006 @ 03:06:00

    Oh how cute! Olivia laughs at her own toots, but she hasn’t imitated me yet. 🙂


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