We are going away on our little family trip tomorrow. We’re going to New Brunswick. I think we’ll have a good time, we have lots of relatives to visit while we’re there. I’ll be taking lots of pics! I’ll post when I’m back.

She’s saying “peace out dudes”. LOL.


14 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. miraclebaby
    Jul 24, 2006 @ 19:40:00

    have fun!!!


  2. alissa
    Jul 25, 2006 @ 03:15:00

    Have a great time!! Much as I love the Canadian West Coast, I am dying to visit the East!!


  3. Petunia
    Jul 25, 2006 @ 03:31:00

    Looks like she’s ready for her first getaway!


  4. Tonya
    Jul 25, 2006 @ 13:35:00

    Love the picture!! Hope you have a great time and cant wait to see all your pics!!


  5. Anita
    Jul 25, 2006 @ 15:15:00

    Have a great trip make sure you show us all the fun you have had…so we can be envious of you…lol


  6. Hannah
    Jul 25, 2006 @ 17:37:00

    Have fun!

    I just want to jump through the computer and kiss her fat cheeks!


  7. Silly Hily
    Jul 25, 2006 @ 17:48:00

    I was just going to say she looks like she’s saying “peace.”
    Have a fabulous time! Can’t wait to see pics.


  8. Merr
    Jul 25, 2006 @ 19:43:00

    Hey have tonz of fun!!


  9. Lisanne
    Jul 26, 2006 @ 00:45:00

    Oh, that sounds awesome! Have fun, and tell us all about it when you get back!


  10. Isabel
    Jul 26, 2006 @ 00:45:00

    I hope you’r having fun.l


  11. Whitney
    Jul 26, 2006 @ 01:10:00

    Hope your having a fantabulous time! That picture is adorable!! Love it!


  12. Claudia
    Jul 26, 2006 @ 13:08:00

    Have a great time on your trip…
    Oh and I just noticed that I never got back to you about the jumperoo question that you posted in my comments. Oopsy! Yes, Christian loves it, but he didn’t really start enjoying it until he was about 9 months old. Perhaps he didn’t really have the leg strength or coordination to use it before then. =o)


  13. Melissa
    Jul 28, 2006 @ 02:19:00

    Have a great trip! I absolutely adore the picture…she is quite the beauty!


  14. Lizzy
    Jul 28, 2006 @ 17:16:00

    Hope you’re having a great time. And great pic!


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