100 Things

I love reading other bloggers 100 things so now I’m gonna do one of my own.

1. I’m 28 yrs old but only feel like I’m 20, well that’s in mind; body, I feel like it’s wearing out.
2. I had my first child at age 17, I actually got pregnant a week after my 17th birthday, I know this for a fact because there was ONLY one possible time, hehe, coincidentally enough mt daughter was born EXACTLY 9 months from the day of conception.
3. Telling my parents I was pregnant was one of the hardest things I had to do. Their response, we love you and we’ll support any decision you make.
4. I was in grade 12 and almost quit highschool.
5. Instead I stayed in school and went to university for 7 years and finished 2 degrees, BBA and BScN.
6. I wish I were a pharmacist, but I would have to move away from home to do this.
7. I bottle fed my first child and she ended up severely colicky. I remember my father and I taking turns walking the halls with her as I would have to write exams the next morning, that sucked.
8. I swore I’d do anything to prevent/help colic if I ever had anymore children, that’s why I breastfed all the rest.
9. I’m breastfeeding my baby as I type this.
10. I actually never thought I’d have children, I’m not a “kid” person. I love my own, but don’t really know what to do with other people’s children.
11. Wow, I’m thinking 100 things about me is going to be hard.
12. I do much better in math and science than in english type of courses, I have a hard time being creative.
13. I have one dog named Mia. She’s a cairn terrier. She’s a yappy little thing but she’s alright.
14. I’m not a huge animal lover, I’m allergic to them.
15. My kids are fighting right now over a game.
16. I hate my current weight, I totally need to lose 15 lbs but have no desire to do anything about it.
17. I’m still taking prednisone. I’ve been on it for a year and a half, I’m thinking I should get off it, since my bones are probably as soft as my ass. lol.
18. I have crohn’s disease. Actually the Dr. thinks it’s crohn’s/colitis, yah the worst one to have.
19. It’s actually quite embarrasing at times. I usually can’t eat out unless I want to have the major runs in public.
20. When I say I hate my guts, I literally HATE my GUTS, lol.
21. I hope my children never get this disease, but I know their chances are much higher now that I have it.
22. I actually spent the last 2 months of my last pregnancy in a major flare up causing me to lose 8lbs in 4 weeks.
23. I’m sad that I’ll never have another child.
24. I think what I miss is the pregnancy, and feeling the baby move, I don’t want to raise anymore children.
25. I want to build a 4 bedroom house.
26. I live in a 3 bedroom mini-home. Too small for us now.
27. My hubby is my best friend.
28. I asked him out when I was in grade 11.
29. I thought he was cute.
30. We dated a bit, but then I got back with my Ex and got pregnant.
31. A year after I had my first child I got back together with my hubby, we were inseperable.
32. My hubby’s mother lost a set of identical twin girls at 6 mos due to TTS syndrome.
33. They wanted to adopt a girl after that. I actually thought of putting my daughter up for adoption when I was pregnant to them.
34. That would have been totally strange. Glad things worked out differently.
35. My father is an alcholic.
36. He’s actually an incredibly smart man. When he was younger he quit school in grade 11 and decided that he wanted to attend university. At that time you could go without graduating. He needed one course in particular. He never attended any classes and asked the instructor if he could write the final and if he passed to get credit for the course, he made 95.
37. It makes me sad to see such a person piss his life away.
38. I wish he would stop.
39. I am a pack rat. I have a hard time throwing things out. I love to save everything, but it just makes one big mess.
40. I think all things happen for a reason.
41. I don’t have much tolerance for my sister in law.
42. She’ll get, what I say I want.
43. I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut around her.
44. It actually bothers me that she’s trying to have a baby.
45. I know that’s a stupid way to feel.
46. I swear too much.
47. I’m fortunate my kids are smart enough not to repeat me.
48. I constantly bite my nails.
49. I started biting them after I quit smoking.
50. I have only ever had one family member close to me die, my grandfather died last year.
51. I don’t really care for nursing. I did it as it was a guarenteed job when I finished school.
52. I did it so I could provide for my children.
53. Now that I am a nurse, I enjoy it more, but there are more than enough days that I’ll say, why did I chose this career??
54. The hours at work suck.
55. It’s all 12 hour shifts, 2 days 2 nights.
56. I am going to have a horrible time finding a sitter for those hours.
57. I keep telling my hubby we have only so many months to find a sitter he just tells me to relax and not worry.
58. The time is going fast, before I know it I’ll be at work again.
59. I love Chinese food.
60. I also loveeeee chocolate. I pretty much crave that all the time.
61. I used to play piano as a child.
62. I would love to play the cello.
63. I played the piano for 5 years. I’m sorry I quit.
64. My baby is getting really big.
65. Well to me she’s no longer a tiny baby, grabbing at my glasses right now. 🙂
66. I hate glasses. I used to wear contacts, but they hurt my eyes when I got pregnant.
67. I have to get a new pair, but I spend my money on my children before myself.
68. So it’ll wait for a few more months.
69. I would love to get lasik surgery for my eyes.
70. I would also love to get a tummy tuck.
71. Most of all I would love to be comfortable and love my own body the way it is now.
72. I was practically raised by my grandmother.
73. My father was away a lot as a businessman when I was a child.
74. My mother struggles with mental illness.
75. I have one brother, he hates my parents for his “rotten” childhood.
76. I am grateful for mine.
77. Things could have been worse. We were well cared for, had all we ever wanted. We were never abused. That’s my outlook on it.
78. I drink farrrrrr too much pop.
79. I’m drinking it for breakfast.
80. I am thinking of taking more courses in school.
81. My hubby thinks I’m nuts. hehe.
82. I’m tired right now.
83. It’s not that I do anything tiring in the run of the day. I’m just tired.
84. This list is hard to do.
85. I like reality TV.
86. I don’t actually believe it’s “reality” but it’s entertainment, nonetheless.
87. I have absolutely NO interest in politics.
88. I do not watch the news.
89. It actually bothers me what is going on in the world.
90. So I just watch cartoons with the kids or go outside.
91. I picked up the paper yesterday and read a 20month old child drowned in a blow up pool in her yard.
92. That’s one of my biggest fears about my children. That something terrible will happen to them.
93. I think I am overprotective.
94. I can’t help it, I would never forgive myself if something did happen to my children.
95. I’ll be married for 7 years on Monday.
96. It’s hard to think that we’ve been married that long.
97. At the same time, it doesn’t seem long at all.
98. I don’t have a clue what to buy hubby for our anniversary.
99. He’s actually scheduled to work, I hope he gets it off.
100. This list was hard to do! hehe.


14 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Karen
    Aug 09, 2006 @ 14:57:00

    I love those! I think I’ll do that for my blogiversary. Happy 7th anniversary! I hope your hubby gets off work too–you need to celebrate!


  2. Jessica
    Aug 09, 2006 @ 15:45:00

    I enjoyed learning more about you. 🙂 And, happy early anniversary!!!


  3. Emma in Canada
    Aug 09, 2006 @ 18:33:00

    I had to look back at mine (in my July 2005 archives if you are interested) to see if I had mentioned that my dad’s an alcoholic. I did. My mother thinks I romanticize my childhood, my brother has learned to live with it, the only angry one is my mum. My mother did not handle me being pregnant at 17 well, we never told my dad. I didn’t even tell her until I had already miscarried.
    Your list was great. I love finding out about other people.


  4. Melissa
    Aug 09, 2006 @ 18:36:00

    Thanks so much for sharing. I always love reading people’s lists, though I haven’t done one myself!


  5. Merr
    Aug 09, 2006 @ 18:59:00

    It was nice to learn more about you. I think you rock!


  6. Susan in va
    Aug 09, 2006 @ 19:40:00

    Loved it! I started working on my 100 things a few days ago (after reading Silly Hily’s). I’m on number 6. Easier said than done.


  7. Chas
    Aug 09, 2006 @ 22:13:00

    You did a great job. I know you much better now. Happy anniversary!


  8. Hannah
    Aug 10, 2006 @ 05:14:00

    I enjoyed reading your list! It reminds me that I need to update mine.


  9. Anita
    Aug 10, 2006 @ 13:25:00

    lol it doesn’t seem like it was hard to do at all I loved reading it, you just wrote whatever came to mind….to cute

    I think like others I might just do that when I have the time to sit down and just write…maybe it will help me get to know myself a little more to..

    Loved reading more about you.


  10. Silly Hily
    Aug 10, 2006 @ 18:32:00

    YAY! Finally. 100 things about you. Thanks for doing this b/c I really enjoyed reading it.
    Your anniversary is the same as my hubby’s birthday.
    And by the way, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I admire you.


  11. Tonya
    Aug 10, 2006 @ 19:36:00

    Wow that is alot of things 🙂 Too cool.. I will have to do one of those sometime but im sure it is hard to do 😉


  12. Lizzy
    Aug 11, 2006 @ 15:16:00

    I really enjoyed reading your 100 Things, I feel like I know more of you now.
    Thanks for sharing and I admire your honesty and bravery!


  13. Claudia
    Aug 11, 2006 @ 15:48:00

    I loved your list, it reminded me that I need to finish mine. I’m on #50 or so now. I couldn’t think of what else to write. You’re right, it is hard. I got some good ideas from your list though, so don’t be surprised if you find some of your statements on my list too! Hee hee.


  14. Susan in va
    Aug 12, 2006 @ 01:21:00

    I’m soooo mad!! I went to post my 100 things this morning (after working on it for 45 minutes) and it was eaten somewhere during the publishing process. RRRRRRRR!!!! I don’t know if I have it in me to do it again. We’ll see……


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