I woke up this morning to a TERRIBLE head cold. Urgh. Strange, usually the kids are the ones getting sick when they go back to school, not the parent. Anyway, I took a lovely tylenol to try to help with the explosive headache I have going on now. hehe.

Tried to watch Survivor last night, may have lasted through about 20minutes and I fell asleep of course. The baby was up 4 times through the night. So much for sleeping for me πŸ˜‰


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  1. Jessica
    Sep 15, 2006 @ 13:12:00

    Hope you’re able to get your rest & recover quickly!


  2. Silly Hily
    Sep 15, 2006 @ 13:51:00

    Oh my. 4 times! Does Silly Boy need to give her a call and let her know how wonderful it is to sleep through the night?
    I’m so sorry. I hope you get to feeling better ASAP.


  3. Jodie
    Sep 15, 2006 @ 14:47:00

    Hope you get better soon. Poor little girl. And poor mama – hopefully you can get some long naps in today.

    Feel better!


  4. Lisanne
    Sep 15, 2006 @ 19:16:00

    Ugh ~ I sure hope that you feel better soon! Seems like a *lot* of head colds, fevers, etc. are going around lately. 😦 I’ve been taking my vitamin C ~ hopefully colds won’t hit our house. I’m praying not, anyway!


  5. Shannon
    Sep 15, 2006 @ 20:11:00

    hope ya feel better soon…


  6. Susan in va
    Sep 16, 2006 @ 13:18:00

    I just read your post from yesterday – funny stuff πŸ™‚

    I hope you feel better. I’ve always felt that mothers should be exempt from illness. Clearly we’re not!


  7. MSUgal86
    Sep 16, 2006 @ 13:22:00

    Great blog! Hope you feel better soon. Is Survivor back? Who knew?


  8. SongBird
    Sep 17, 2006 @ 03:15:00

    Hope you feel better soon!


  9. Hannah
    Sep 18, 2006 @ 03:46:00

    I hope you’re feeling better!


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