Feeling rather blah today.

Hubby and I had a wonderful fight yesterday. It’s all about the SIL.

It started out that we were driving home and she had her car parked at the end of the road to pick her kids up off the bus. I’m like don’t bother stopping to talk, I’m not interested. That’s fine. We drive by and hubby says, she didn’t even look up our way at all. Fine. Whatever. I totally don’t want to waste my effort to speak to her. So then we get home. I tell him how I’m not going to his parents house for Thanksgiving this year and he gets kind of pissy and says, You ARE going. You have no choice. Then it starts. I’m like HELLO! you are not my parent, you cannot force me to do anything, get over it, I’m not going. You take the kids and go. I explained how it’ll totally be uncomfortable having to sit there when SIL and her hubby won’t even look our way. Come on. I’m just sparing everyone here and letting them have their time, his family would rather her there, so be it. I’m fine with that. BUT my point is that I don’t want to be FORCED to speak to people I don’t want to talk with.

Hubby starts saying, you can’t avoid her forever, blah blah, and I’m like no, but when it comes to funerals and weddings and whatnot, i’ll attend, but little gatherings like that, i could care less. I’m not stopping him from taking the kids and going. Blah. It’s all foolishness. I don’t even want to waste my effort thinking about any of them. I’m just super not impressed about hubby’s whole comment about “YOU ARE GOING”. Please, I’m not his slave. He was dead serious too that he was going to force me there. Then says, well none of us are going. And says, Thanks for ruining it for us this year. BLAH!


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  1. Silly Hily
    Sep 27, 2006 @ 15:35:00

    Eeek, I’m sorry. It sounds like he probably said the whole “you are going” thing at a spur of the angry moment type.
    Honestly, it would probably make your SIL feel SO good if you didn’t go b/c that way she feels like she has won and pushed you out of their life and also caused a riff between you and the hubby. I have issues with someone but I’ll be damned if that person is going to cause me to fight with my husband. They aren’t worth it. She isn’t worth it. I know she makes you sick to your stomach (trust me) BUT she is part of his family and therefore, will be a part of your life forever. I would just go and avoid her like the plague. Ignore her. Give all of you attention to your kids and maybe you can act like she isn’t even there.
    Keep us updated on what happens with this.
    (And I hope I didn’t sound too assvicey b/c I didn’t mean to be. Just trying to tell you how I deal with it. Big hugs.)


  2. Petunia
    Sep 27, 2006 @ 17:14:00

    I agree with Hily. Don’t let SIL win. Just go and ignore her and do your best to enjoy yourself. Hang out with your kids and do whatever they want. Pretend she isn’t even there.


  3. Heather Noel
    Sep 27, 2006 @ 20:48:00

    I have to argee. Go and be with your family. Talking to everyone but her will show you just dont care. I hope things get better.


  4. Heidi
    Sep 27, 2006 @ 21:52:00

    I agree with silly hily, too


  5. Tonya
    Sep 28, 2006 @ 06:46:00

    sorry you are having to deal with this Emma.. *hugs* I don’t know if I agree with the others because I don’t think I would go.. but I don’t see why hubby won’t take the kids and go… just do what is best for you and stick to your guns!


  6. Shannon
    Sep 28, 2006 @ 17:00:00

    well if you didnt live so far away you could come down here… your Tday is in October right… anyways… go to your family’s tday and screw them… I think you need some space from your in-laws and their family… hey… go TP her house… hehehe…


  7. Mandy Lynn
    Oct 04, 2006 @ 16:49:00

    I am catching up on my blog reading and just had to comment. I totally understand your post.

    I am not going to my inlaws this year either. There is too much family drama going on over there lately and everytime I leave they make up some story that I said such and such while I was there and it is completely not true. It is so far from true that you can’t even say they derived it from something I did say. It is just a lie made up to perpetuate drama in the family, so I am NOT going this year. And I dare him to try and make me šŸ™‚


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