So we went out and cut down a Christmas tree today. The baby slept through all of it. lol. After about 30 minutes of searching for the “perfect” tree hubby cut down this one. The children and I decorated it today. Isn’t it great?? LOL. Far too many ornaments down low, and guess who’s trying to rip it down already?

We went to supper at the inlaws, I forced myself to go and be polite for hubby’s sake. He wants everyone to “get along” so like a good little wifey, I went up and played his game. BLAH, make me sick, but hey I was nice. It’s progress.

We fed the baby some spaghetti beef baby food and she loved it, actually she loved it so much she was trying to “talk” with her mouth full. Isn’t this cute??

And of course the after shot. HAHAHA. I think I have a picture of all my children full of the lovely tomato sauce face look and my parents have one of me as a baby. I should scan it someday and post it. 🙂

11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Heidi
    Dec 04, 2006 @ 01:37:00

    She’s so cute!!!!!!!


  2. Sara
    Dec 04, 2006 @ 01:50:00

    Love the picture! Ainsley recently tried “macaroni beef noodles” and she loves it, too. Is she feeding herself yet? I have been trying finger foods, or those little Gerber fruit puff things, but she manages to get one or two in her mouth and the rest are stuck to her hand.


  3. Chas
    Dec 04, 2006 @ 02:28:00

    Wow, going and cutting down your own tree; that’s impressive!


  4. Melissa
    Dec 04, 2006 @ 03:46:00

    The tree looks beautiful, as does your daughter!!!!

    Hope you are feeling well.


  5. alissa
    Dec 04, 2006 @ 03:50:00

    Oh too cute!!!

    And wow… you really cut your own tree??!!

    I only did a real tree one year – pine needles everywhere killed me. Took 6 months to get them out of all the slots in the hardwood, nevermind dragging through all the carpet. UGH! We’ve been fake ever since!


  6. jenhen
    Dec 04, 2006 @ 06:00:00

    She is so cute! I could just squish her LOL.

    Beautiful tree!!


  7. Tonya
    Dec 04, 2006 @ 07:47:00

    the tree is great 🙂 and the pics are so cute.. you should scan yours. Glad you were able to go and be nice.. I know how tough that must be *sigh*


  8. miraclebaby
    Dec 04, 2006 @ 15:30:00

    LOL nice face!


  9. Mommy Mia!
    Dec 04, 2006 @ 19:21:00

    Beautiful baby … beautiful tree!


  10. Merr
    Dec 04, 2006 @ 20:16:00

    Cute pictures! Love the tree. I think it is so cool that you guys go cut it yourself. We have a fake one up on a table and anchored to the wall.


  11. Karen
    Dec 05, 2006 @ 00:21:00

    So cute! We haven’t tried that kind of food yet, but Jenna is liking cheerios lately, and she’s started spitting out her food too. Well, more “spraying” it out…

    Our tree is fake, too. I’m too lazy (and cheap?) for a real one!


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