Happy Birthday!

Today is my son’s 7th birthday. We didn’t have his birthday party just yet but we are going to have it on the weekend. We got him a few games for his PSP and he just loves them. We had a cake today and gave the baby a piece of it, it was too funny! She ate the entire piece. 🙂

I remember his birth as though it were yesterday. I was having false labor for days. The night before he was born I went in for an assessment. I wasn’t dilated at all but my cervix was thinning. The nurse told me to go home and if things changed to return. I went home and had contractions regularly every 10 minutes for over 3 hrs. I was getting a little sick of them at this point so I asked hubby what we thought we should do. Shortly after that I had a big gush of blood. That was it, off to the hospital we went. Again, I was only dilated to 1cm. But they figured it was a long travel and the storm was starting so we stayed the night. In the morning the nurse told me I should go for a walk, do what I had to and then return around noon. The whole time I was walking I was in unbelievable pain. It was all back labor. I couldn’t stand it at all. We went to the mall and I had 5 contractions from one end of it to the next. *this mall is pretty small I must add* I didn’t want to return too soon so we stayed in the car for a bit. At 12pm, I had enough we went back up to be assessed. The nurse had told me she called my house to see how I was, because she thought I would be returning. Anyway, not 2 minutes after I sat on the bed, my water broke. I was definately staying. Things started to pick up after that. My Dr. came to the hospital to assess me at around 4pm. I was about 6cm. It was still all in my back. At this point I needed something for the pain. I remember getting fentanyl at this time. Whoooo, that was quite the medication. My only complaint is it didn’t last very long. Anyway, my Dr. stayed there with me, because if he had left, he would have one hell of a time to get back. After pushing for about 20 minutes and after having the vacuum used on him, he was born. He was OP and that was the reason for all the pain in my back. He was born on the biggest blizzard of the year. I was 9cm dilated and they were going to transfer me to another hospital for a c-section but I was determined that I would have him where I was. Luckily I stayed and ended up having him only 15 minutes after the paramedics arrived to transfer me. His birthplace would have been on the highway. LOL. He was 8lbs 11 1/2 oz and perfect. He was perfect from day 1 and still is 🙂


18 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Scrapbooking Princess
    Jan 18, 2007 @ 00:23:00

    Happy Birthday to your Son. Hope he has a great day!


  2. Jessica
    Jan 18, 2007 @ 01:01:00

    Happy birthday to your little boy, thanks for sharing your birth story!


  3. Lizzy
    Jan 18, 2007 @ 01:05:00

    Happy birthday to the boy. What an exciting birth story.
    Good for you for sticking to your guns and giving it your all.


  4. Anita
    Jan 18, 2007 @ 12:50:00

    Happy Birthday to your boy, it’s always nice to bring memories back about their birth, seems like yesterday sometimes doesn’ it?…lol


  5. Tonya
    Jan 18, 2007 @ 13:46:00

    Happy Birthday to your son!!

    Love your new blog look!


  6. Shannon
    Jan 18, 2007 @ 14:37:00

    What is OP? And happy birthday!


  7. Brandy
    Jan 18, 2007 @ 18:28:00

    Happy belated b-day to your son! Sounds like a heck of a birth story and a great memory.

    Thanks for coming by my blog, I love when people comment. 🙂


  8. Karen
    Jan 18, 2007 @ 19:40:00

    Awwww, happy birthday to “the boy”!


  9. Josefina
    Jan 18, 2007 @ 19:54:00

    Happy Birthday to your son!
    It was quite an experience his birth I can see!! Luckily everything turned out ok!


  10. Merr
    Jan 18, 2007 @ 20:15:00

    Happy Birthday to little guy, or should I say Big. Seven years old, wow I can’t imagine Cam that old. I love your birth story.


  11. Claudia
    Jan 18, 2007 @ 21:27:00

    What a nice story. Happy Birthday to your son!


  12. Christina
    Jan 18, 2007 @ 21:45:00

    Happy belated birthday to your little man! Hope he had a great day.


  13. marylynn
    Jan 18, 2007 @ 22:49:00

    Happy Birthday to your son! Gosh 7 years ago and you still remember all that detail…my little girl is 9 months old and I don’t remember as much as you do! Thanks for sharing his birth story.


  14. Sara
    Jan 18, 2007 @ 23:53:00

    Sounds like you have wonderful memories of his birth- enjoy your day!

    Thanks for the comments – they make me feel special! =)


  15. alissa
    Jan 19, 2007 @ 14:08:00

    I love hearing a good birth story!! Happy Belated Bday to your little boy!


  16. Lisanne
    Jan 20, 2007 @ 17:31:00

    What a sweet story! Happy birthday!


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    Jan 26, 2007 @ 10:32:00

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  18. mike
    Nov 24, 2016 @ 00:07:11

    happy birthday big boy, time you learnt what you bum is for other than going to the toilet, lube you good spread those tight little cheeks and slip deeeeep in you, may hurt first time but soon you will begging for it, going to make your nice tight little boip-ssy mine and watch the c-m drip out


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