This is my whiny post.

I am 100% exhausted.

I have been working like crazy to try and make some extra $ before hubby returns to work, since we still don’t know about babysitters. I have been putting ads in the local paper to try and get someone, but still here I am 2 weeks before he returns with no one. Who am I kidding? Who will want to work 12 hr days and nights and evenings. The nursing schedule BLOWS! Since I am on this topic, how much should I even pay someone to come here for 13 hrs a day to watch the baby then 3 other children for 4 hrs before we get home. Any suggestions??

In other news I am not pregnant. I’m quite upset about this. I really thought I was, but then I got the familiar premenstral bitchy syndrome and knew it was game over for this month. SIL had a big babyshower, that MIL had given her. I love that, no one did sweet F**k all for me then this, blah, just makes me deteste the inlaws more and more…..

Anyway, must go try and rest, not much else going on, just work, work, work. Hope all are feeling well.


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  1. owens1299
    Mar 03, 2007 @ 21:32:00

    why not have the in-laws watch them or your oh so lovely (NOT) sis-n-law… but all the nurses that I know only work 8 hour days since they have kids at home… they couldn’t find anyone to watch them for a 12 hour shift…


  2. Emmakirst
    Mar 03, 2007 @ 21:42:00

    well Sis in law likes to rub in the fact that she would have done it, had she not be having her own baby next month!


  3. Lisanne
    Mar 04, 2007 @ 00:29:00

    Man, I’m sorry. 😦 I hope that you’re doing OK, though. (((hugs)))


  4. Claudia
    Mar 04, 2007 @ 01:58:00

    It was game over this month for me as well. Perhaps a December baby…

    I hope you find someone to watch the kiddos. =o)


  5. Wendy
    Mar 04, 2007 @ 14:42:00

    Finding child care is such a drag! That’s why I am home and watching other peoples kids:) Helping some other poor souls out there! I hope that you find someone soon!


  6. Lesley
    Mar 05, 2007 @ 02:50:00

    Hope your feeling on top of it all Tomorrow… Take care and I really hope you got some quality rest.


  7. Lizzy
    Mar 05, 2007 @ 03:58:00


    i’ll bet you’re tired. working those hours and taking care of your family? i’d be exhausted, too.


  8. Chas
    Mar 05, 2007 @ 04:20:00

    Gosh, I don’t even know what to suggest to pay a sitter for those hours. I think that kind of thing differs from area to area. Too bad you can’t find some nice older lady that just wants to get out of the house.


  9. Emma in Canada
    Mar 05, 2007 @ 21:04:00

    Taylor just did her babysitting course. They said the average in Canada is $4 per hour with an additional dollar an hour per child. Maybe they were only talking about Alberta, I don’t know. And of course, that’s for kids. When I had a dayhome, I charged a very cheap $25 per day (9 hours) for one child and $35 for 2.


  10. Anth
    Mar 06, 2007 @ 00:26:00

    Ugh how frustrating. Your in-laws sound like real TREATS.

    And sorry, no helpful advice on babysitter wages. I’ve no idea.


  11. jim
    Nov 30, 2016 @ 14:34:41

    mum I will babysit for FREE gladly


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