Got the camera to upload pics. Here’s some from a few weeks to a month ago. Hope you like 🙂


12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chas
    Mar 06, 2007 @ 14:33:00

    Those are the most beautiful kids! Your little blonde baby is just precious.


  2. Lizzy
    Mar 06, 2007 @ 15:31:00

    Those are some beautiful children. Nice work! And thanks for sharing the pics.
    And the baby is just delicious. I can’t believe how quickly our babies are growing up.


  3. Erin
    Mar 06, 2007 @ 16:03:00

    Cute kiddos :o)


  4. Emma in Canada
    Mar 06, 2007 @ 16:59:00

    Good God, your kids are going to break some hearts one day.


  5. villagegirl
    Mar 06, 2007 @ 19:06:00

    What a gorgeous bunch!
    You baby is such a sweetie!


  6. Merr
    Mar 06, 2007 @ 20:33:00

    Love the pics! Way cute kids!


  7. Ashley & Charles
    Mar 06, 2007 @ 21:17:00

    I bet you could get them their own tv show. It’ll be huge, like the Olson twins. But wait, then they’ll become weird and skinny and dirty…oh hell never mind. they’re just dang cute!


  8. Wendy
    Mar 07, 2007 @ 13:51:00

    Great shots of the kiddos! SO cute!


  9. Claudia
    Mar 07, 2007 @ 21:32:00

    Oh my God, the baby is so big!

    She’s so beautiful…then again, they all are.


  10. alissa
    Mar 08, 2007 @ 02:28:00

    Okay… those kids are too cute for words! Your youngest would make a great first girlfriend for my little guy!


  11. Tonya
    Mar 09, 2007 @ 22:55:00

    Great pics!! They are so adorable 🙂


  12. JenHen
    Mar 16, 2007 @ 05:06:00

    Goodness! Those are some gorgeous childrens!!!


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