Yah, it’s official, I’m getting hugemongous. There I’ve said it.

Ugh, the flu, that short lived flu that I thought we had, has a longer hang time than originally thought. A woke up vomiting 3 times last night and has quite the profuse diarrhea, she’s not dehydrated so really there’s nothing they would do with her, other than IV replacement in the event she needed it. Hopefully she’ll be better ASAP, like tonight!

Me, still nauseated, with gut wrenching cramping pains, yah, good ol’ diarrhea. Gotta love this GI disturbance. It’s really got to F**K O**! I’m beyond sick of this, I just want regular pregnancy whiny complaints, not this crap with it. My little E still hasn’t gotten this flu yet, my son however is still sick with it, the diarrhea part only. Poor little fella.

Thanks for all the get better wishes, it worked. I haven’t thrown up since yesterday, thank GOD. I considered food poisoning but ruled it out when I discovered my oldest (who had slept at her grandmother’s house and was no where near us when we ate out) ended up with the exact same thing. 😦 Anyway it was short lived, I seemed to be hit the hardest with it, but am definately on the mend. The baby is fine, she still has a bit of diarrhea but only once a day, she’s definately not dehydrated. My son is fine, he is out playing right now, his appetite is the shits but it’s never good. My hubby is better, just a headache and me, just tired. I feel as though I were hit by a truck. I booked off work today and tomorrow, I feel better, just not up to 12 hrs of heavy lifting and all that fun nurse stuff. I’ll do my nights.

So I’m officially 13 weeks now, some sites say I’m in my 2nd trimester. I just can’t wait to feel this baby moving to reassure me that all is well in there. The one thing to keep my sanity is the doppler at work, I’ll hear the heartbeat whenever I’m there. LOL. Only 2 more weeks till my next OB appointment to see the baby. Then we’ll make the appointment for the 20 week u/s. To see if A is getting a baby brother or sister. 🙂

I don’t think I could possibly be any sicker today.
It started yesterday, A woke up vomiting but quickly recovered, then of course the diarrhea had hit her, which she still has. I’m just giving her liquids with some pedialyte and she seems pretty good so far.

Then last night, we decide to go see Shrek the 3rd. Oh my, hubby took us out to Wendy’s then to the show. OMG, not 20 minutes into the movie, I’m like, OMG, I’m going to be sick, off to the washroom I go and VOMIT PROFUSELY for about 15 minutes. Ack, I’ll tell you this< i’m never having fast food again, NEVER. So that’s fine, puke puke and more puke. Feel a little better. Back to the seat I go. About 20 minutes again, it hits, I couldn’t stop puking. Hubby finally got me and we left with the kids, the boy also got sick during the movie. We make it home, I proceed to vomit about every 20 minutes throughout the night, no dicelectin, no gravol NOTHING would work. Then the diarrhea hits. Of course, so I’m on the can, with bucket in tow and that’s how I spent my night.

I’m finally getting a little bit of fluids into me, hence sitting upright at the moment. I must be getting better, cause I usually lay around whining. Anyway, pray for me, if you are the praying type, cause I can’t tolerate this much longer. I’m considering going to ER for IV fluids and some zofran. We’ll see.

Long overdue interview questions brought to you by Wendy Here goes:

1. How did you discover blogging?
Well it started last year when I went off work early with my pregnancy with A. I was searching the internet since I had a ton of free time, and found a pregnancy weekly site that was actually a message board. One girl had announced her recent pregnancy and had a link to her site. So I decided to read it. It was so interesting reading the accounts of how her and hubby had started trying to conceive, how it was months and months before they finally did testing and figured that he was infertile so they had decided on donor sperm, etc. I went through her diary of preconception to birth of her first son and second child. I had decided heck, what a better way than this to keep a diary so that’s when I started the blog.

2. What is your dream job?
One in which I work 30 hrs a week and get paid for 75! ha, just kidding I do enjoy being a nurse but I would rather be in Labor delivery, NICU rather than Orthopedics, heck, maybe in a few years. For now it’s fine.

3.Would you rather live the rest of your life at the ocean or on a mountain?Why?
I would rather live next to an ocean, since I HATE bugs, ones that bite and make you itch, mosquitoe’s black flys, etc. The ocean is pretty much free of them around here, so that’s my choice. And not to mention it’s beautiful and I could go swimming at any time that I’d like.

4. What is your favorite childhood memory?
Favorite childhood memory would be going away on business trips with my father. He was a pharmaceutical sales representative and would travel quite often, when we were children he would take us every so often, my brother and I would get to stay in the hotel and order room service and go swimming in the pool. I guess this is one of the most fondest memories that I have growing up.

5. What is your worst habit?
Aside from biting my nails I would say swearing. What an awful habit, but they just fly out of me when I get pissy. I must admit I do have a short temper.

Thanks for the questions!

Ok I’m the biggest slack ass ever, so now it’s time to do all the tags that I haven’t gotten around to doing. This time i was tagged by Claudia I haven’t done this one before so here goes.

INSTRUCTIONS: Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot, like so.

1) Eve
2) Sarah
3) Elizasmom
4) Claudia’s Spaceship
5) Emmakirst

Next select five people to tag:
Forgive me if you’ve done this one. LOL. If you don’t wanna do it, that’s ok.

1) Mrs.G
2) Heidi
3) Denise
4) Making A Life
5) Jessica

What were you doing 10 years ago?

May 24, 1997:

Oh my I don’t know, I had just finished my first year of my business degree, I had a 1 yr old at that time and imagine I was just hanging out with some friends.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
May 24, 2006 I had posted about how a good friend of mine found out she was expecting twins, she was 20 weeks pregnant and had NO. IDEA. THERE. WERE. 2! They are happy and healthy 8 month olds now, boy/girl twins, and bigger than my baby!

Five snacks you enjoy:

1) Pretzels, I love em.
2) Ice cream, chocolate and more chocolate.
3) Peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich, I’m sure that’s a meal in itself but I love it. LOL.
4) Oranges
5) Pears I love a good juicy pear to snack on.

Five songs that you know all the lyrics to:

1) True colors- Cyndi Lauper
2) More than words, Extreme
3) All I wanna do- Sheryl crow
4) The theme song to Franklin, LOL.
5) and of course all theme songs to classic early 90 sitcoms, Growing pains, etc.

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

Pay off our debts
Build a really big house
Get a pool
Plastic surgery for this battered body after all these kids!

Five bad habits:

1) I bite my nails and the skin on my fingers
2) crack my knuckles
3) swear, swear a lot
4) get frustrated easily
5) say “like” A LOT

5 things you like doing:
1) Watching a good movie with hubby
2) spending time playing on the internet
3) shopping
4) eating, hence the 11 pound weight gain in 4 weeks
5) spending time with the kids, when they get along!

Five things you would never wear again:

1) Mini skirt
2) Short shorts ( my first 2 are the same as your Claudia, they are a definite no-no~!)
3) Bikini, hello my gut is unreal
4) Tights or leggings, ew
5) Tye dye clothing. Yuck.

Five favorite toys:
1) my computer
2) my mp3
3) my bbq, because that’s a life saver to cook with
4) my xbox
5) the gamecube, I love video games. LOL.

Enjoy 🙂

I was tagged by Canape for this meme thingy with 10 things you don’t know about me. I pretty much have said it all before but I’ll give it a hook now.

1. I am ridiculously nervous of new things, especially meeting people. Crazy, I know, I’m a nurse, I meet new people CONSTANTLY, but it still makes me nervous, not to the point I can’t function, but enough to give me that “butterfly” feeling.

2. I absolutely HATE leaving messages on machines. That too makes me uncomfortable, I’m getting better however since I have to tape morning report at work on a tape recorder, I cannot go anywhere near where the new staff are listening to hear myself, I cringe.

3. I am quite impatient. At pretty much everything, I hate waiting. I’m surprised I waited as long as I did to test for this pregnancy.

4. I worry A lot!! I know it doesn’t change anything, but I do worry about many things I cannot change.

5. When I shower, I turn the handle RELIGIOUSLY 3 times to the left before I will leave the desired temperature.

6. I had braces when I was in grade 6 until I was in grade 9, I also had glasses, big disgusting red ones. I finally got contacts when I was in grade 9.

7. I bite my nails and my fingers, and I actually enjoy to do this, yuck, I know but I can’t help it!

8. I don’t really have many friends now, we all drifted apart after my wedding and subsequent children.

9. I have always wanted to be an accountant, the last thing I ever in my life thought I’d be is a nurse!

10. Psychotic people scare the shit out of me, for example last night, this patient was quite combative, striking out and whatnot and all I wanted to do was run! We did get him settled with a good old shot of haldol but hell I was terrified.

I tag whoever wants to do this!~

I’m going to post a new belly pic soon, you will be SHOCKED!~

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