Still alive, have been working and when not at work, enjoying some much needed time at the beach with the children. A loves the water, she’s in it so much, her other sisters are constantly in the water from the second they get there till the moment they leave. E was in it so much she ended up with an ear infection 😦 My son could care less about going in the water. He just hangs out on the shore with the adults.

I take my son for his offical testing tomorrow for learning disabilities. I am relieved to know that soon we’ll finally be able to have something done for him. When I went for the original assessment with the psychologist he had mentioned that the fact that he had difficulty with hearing and speech at such an early age is most likely what caused the delay in reading/writing. In all aspects of his learning. So anyway, we’ll find out more from the test tomorrow.

Wednesday is my next OB appointment, I hope he has more info on what is going on in utero~ It’s hard not knowing what to expect! Anyway, baby is very active moving more and more, I do think he’s more laid back than his sister was last year, but hey all kids are different. I am getting HUGE, I look more like I’m 7 months as opposed to 5 months pregnant. It’s unreal how much I’ve grown, I’ll post another picture soon.

We’ve decided on a name, we are thinking of naming him Nolan. I know I never post names on this thing, but that’s what we are leaning towards. I guess that’s it for updates here, I changed my blog name because seriously, I hear this question EVERDAY~ at least once~


It’s definately a boy, no doubt about it. I went for my u/s this morning and he wasn’t shy at all about showing us his goods. LOL. Turns out that there isn’t a previa but a band close to the cervix, I have no idea what that means, but I will be closely monitored. There is no intereference with the baby so that’s good, we got a good look at his lips too, all looks well so far.

Has anyone heard of a band before? I haven’t, but it’s not amniotic band syndrome either. Ugh, never a dull moment here is there?!

I am on vacation from work for a week and have been relaxing everyday at the beach with the kids. The weather is so hot and nice it’s amazing. I am really minding the heat though, I have never been big pregnant in the summer before so this is completely new to me, I’ll cope though, no other choice 😉

Isn’t this just a great picture, she was loving some cake we had the other day. Lovely eh?

Wednesday is my birthday, I’ll be 29. Only one more year to the 30’s!

20 week picture

19 weeks already, this pregnancy is pretty much half over. I can’t get over how quickly it’s going. Hubby felt the baby move yesterday for the first time. The movement is so sporadic I was quite surprised he was patient enough to feel it. LOL.

A has been quite sick, she’s finally getting better but was just miserable for the last week. She has double ear infections and also ulcers in her mouth! OUCH! Her temp was super high and took tylenol and motrin to help keep it down. The antibiotics worked on the ear infections, but did nothing for her mouth. She was just miserable. She was quite close to dehydration but started to pick up on her fluid intake 2 days ago, thank God I wouldn’t want to have had her get an IV. 😦

So who’s into Big Brother this season? I like it, I just can’t get over how that Jen girl reacted when she saw her picture, was that for real? I fell asleep halfway through it, was she seriously acting all crazy, because she is? Or was that some kind of gameplay she thought up??
Anyway, the america’s player may be interesting, we’ll see.

Well not much else to say, going to get ready to put the baby to sleep!

I’m 19 weeks today according to my OB. So my visit went ok, up another 4lbs now 130lb. He got the results from my comprehensive u/s. The radiologist says I have placenta previa and wants another scan done in 2-3 weeks, so another chance to see my baby. I hope that the placenta moves, because I really don’t want to have to have a section. 😦 Also they didn’t get a good look at baby’s lips so there’s another reason to repeat the u/s. The one thing that can occur with my prednisone use is cleft lip and of course they didn’t get a good look at the baby’s lips. Oh well I pray the next u/s they see the lips and all looks well.

To confirm what Emma asked in my last post, we aren’t burning/destroying/whatever our place LOL. it’s a mini-home, and we’re selling it so it’ll be moved. Then we can go ahead and build on this lot. Shannon yes unfortunately we are going to still live next to crazy in-laws but with 60,000 dollars worth of land, as much as I can’t tolerate her, I’ll still stay here. She’s tamed down ALOT since she’s got her own new kid, I barely ever see her!