30 weeks and counting……

According to my OB I’m 31 wks on Wednesday. I have my next appointment that day too. I actually have to see my OB, GI and my son’s pediatrician that day. That should be a funfilled day of appointments….. yah right. At least the OB and GI ones are 15 minutes apart just down the hall from each other, so the baby shouldn’t be too cranky and the waiting is less at 8:30am. Anyway, not much else to write about, just can’t breathe very well, this kid is up in my ribs making breathing a difficult thing to do these days~

Well I went to meet the teacher on Thursday night.

My son’s teacher apparently didn’t realize how bad his disability was, she did know he was getting tested but didn’t know if I had done it privately or was waiting for the school to do it. So I informed her that I did get it done myself and am waiting impatiently for the results to be mailed to me so we can determine how on earth we’ll approach teaching this child. She was giving a little talk to all the parents and said how children in the grade have a reading level of G to N, I felt like crying E’s is only at level C. Anyway, she reassured me that putting him in grade 2 is the best for him, that he’ll have his learning needs met and to repeat grade 1 wouldn’t make a difference. I still feel as though he is struggling so much, he just has such a hard time.

Little E (my daughter) was tested also and is referred to all the intensive reading programs already. Fuck, I just said to her teacher, Oh god here we go again, I think she thought I was nuts, but she has no idea what we went through last year with my son, only to repeat it again this year with her, and not to mention lifelong. I don’t think she got my frustration that night. lol. Oh well what can I do but my best to try and help them.

On to other things, I’m working, all the fucking time, what else is new. I’m a bad facebooker and blogger these days. I am just too darn tired. Thought I’d write this down, because I’m sure I’ll forget in no time with the way my brain is these days.

Just finished working 3 12 hr days and came off a 12 hr night. I’m totally EXHAUSTED! But cannot fall asleep just yet, so here I am blogging.

Yesterday I had my OB appointment. I’ve gained yet another 5lbs in 3 weeks, bringing my total up to *GASP* 37lbs. That’s insane, I’ve exceeded the recommended weight gain for pregnancy and then some, with the most weight to be gained in my last 2 months!~

BP was fine, baby’s heartrate is fine, 137, but baby boy is breech right now. I know, he can flip, hubby’s aunt was in labor (yrs and yrs ago) and her baby flipped to breech position. So I know, that they can move, and whatever, but with the band on the lower half of the placenta that may also be causing him to be in this presentation. I’m not worried, I’m sure I’ll endure my torturous labor and delivery for him, as I did with the other 4. LOL.

Other than being super overtired and giddy right now, there’s not a damn thing going on here. I have “meet and greet” night with the teachers at the school, so I’ll be there surely explaining to my son’s teacher what is going on with his learning, since he can’t do a thing right now at the grade 2 level. I hope to get the written report in the next 2 weeks so they can decide on a plan of action for him.

Must get some sleep now. I’ll post a new belly pic soon.

My Daughter is a HANDFULL!~~~

Oh MY has my 17 mos old turned into one busy girl.

I went grocery shopping today because we didn’t have a damn thing in this house and I am convinced my kids are going to eat me out of house and home so off I went in need of bread and milk. Has anyone done this before, go for bread and milk and come home with $150 worth of stuff?? That’s happens far too often for me. LOL.

Anyway I get home and waddle my ass into the house with my 100 bags of things and get them in here, while my kids are at school, did i mention, kids are in school??? 🙂 So there goes A running through the house with juice boxes, oatmeal packs, you name it she had it, and I realized I’m too damn fat and tired to run after her. I’m too old for this! I have no idea how I’m going to do this with another one, I’m sooooo tired right now. I still have over 2 months left! I have no idea how I’m going to work too. I can’t even bend right now, how am I going to wash/haul ass around on my ortho floor when I’m at work. I realized, no one is getting their legs washed while I have them! LOL.

Anyway, must go make dinner for the kids and send some flowers and fish on facebook!

We had our date night last night. First we went shopping, hubby wanted a new pair of sneakers for work, when we got there there was a buy one get one 50% off so hell I said I was getting a pair too. SO that consumed about an hr of our night cause it was so damn busy.

After that we went to my favorite restaurant, Boston Pizza, YUMMMM! Anyway, I got some Mama meata penne thingy and hubby got italian penne i think, I dunno, it was cheapo pasta night, that was good enough for me. Then I got my dessert, maple blondie (aka orgasm in a bowl, hellOOOO???) I swear, I crave that all the time. hehe.

Off to the movies we went, I really didn’t care what we saw, anything but Mr. Bean or bourne ultimatum, only cause I never saw any of the other bourne identity whatever movies before. So hubby said I picked last time, so he decided this time, his choice: Death Sentence=Kevin Bacon’s new movie. Ohhh I could go on about it, but I wont’, because people in the world may want to see this. I however, don’t recommend it, well ok, it was semi-alright for the most part, but anyway, I can’t say much else cause I’ll end up typing the damn story line here. I’ll tell you, I would have rather seen a stupid happy funny, dumb ass movie like superbad than that.

So after that it was time to go home, I called my father who watched my kids before the movie started, because A has been running a temp now for 2 days, nothing else is wrong with her no vomit, diarrhea, just a temp, so anyway, she was fine, happy and everything and sleeping at this point. Dad told me 2 people called about our house and wanted to look at it.

Fast-forward to today and the 2 people came, at the same freakin’ time> it may have been for the better because they seemed very interested and one was speaking only about finding someone to move it and whatver. So hopefully we’ll have a buyer soon, because time is ticking to the start date for our new place.

The inlaws house is getting repaired also, it’s coming along, the walls are all done in the basement as well as the ceilings and the flooring is started too. Hopefully they’ll have that done by the time we sell (please GOD let someone buy my house) our place. ~

Emily had wanted me to mention how old my other children are.

R is my oldest, she turned 11 in April. She’s quite the drama queen right now, but what pre-teen isn’t?? she’s in grade 6.

E is my only son so far, he’s 7 will be 8 in January, he’s in grade 2.

Little E is my 3rd, she’s 6, she’s in grade 1. There are 17 mos between them, they are little shit-disturbers when they get together, but get me laughing nonetheless.

A is my baby, for now. She’s 17 mos on the 6th of this month. She’s a freakin handful! She’s busy climbing and getting into everything.

So yesterday, when I woke up I had my breakfast, had some bacon and eggs, and about 20 minutes later, it totally didn’t sit well with me. Well needless to say, it came right back up! Lately I’ve been getting morning sickness the odd day, like really who the hell does that happen to at 28weeks anyway? Shit I thought I was well over this period. Anyway, about 2 hrs later I felt fine and went about my usual day.

Tonight hubby and I are going out on a “date”. Since our anniversary was shitty timing for us going out we are doing it toinght.