So maybe I was wrong about the last post. We didn’t end up moving my computer yet, or the the only tv left in this place with our satellite receiver. A and I are sitting here on the floor watching the 13inch tv, Curious George, Bo on the GO. all the good shows. I have come over here because well basically I’m loosing my f*&**king mind at the inlaws. Omg, it’s awful, not like I originally wanted to move quickly, but it would have been nice to have A a little more adjusted to the place before a new baby comes. Let me describe the situation some;

We are living in their basement, it’s nice, it’s all done over (of course after the flooding the whole house is redone). We have our living room setup there, our kitchen table, a fridge, no stove. There is a bathroom, but the fan for the shower thing hasn’t been installed so I haven’t showered there yet. YUCK! The type of person I am, is one that trys to stay out of other people’s business. The kids have their beds upstairs and are to sleep up there only, I want them down with me so I can watch them, and discipline and whatnot. I am not there for them to babysit, whatever. So to get that through the 6&7 yr old’s heads, it’s pretty tough.

Anyway, this morning, I have to take them upstairs to feed them, because I have no dishes, sink whatever, it sucks ass, because A is running through the house, talking and happy. They are upstairs, and I say to the kids is SHHHH SHHHH SHHHH< i feel like a fucking parrot, repeating myself all the time, it’s horrible. It may be the excess hormones from a 9 month pregnant woman, who knows, but I’m not dealing well with this. AND. IT”S. ONLY. BEEN. 2 . DAYS! Have I mentioned the only thing done with my new house is the ground is dug, that’s it, they ran into trouble and hit rock, but they resolved it yesterday. The footer hasn’t been poured nothing is done, I’m freaking bad. Anyway, that’s my rant about that.

So back to this morning, I had a meltdown, cryed my face off, took A over here and we got in the tubby (as A calls it) hehe, so now I’m just going to sit around here in my empty home so I don’t invade over there and wish that I could make my new home magically appear. This is just awful. I have to make the kids supper tonight and I don’t feel right going upstairs to her kitchen to make food for them. (*this is my MIL, not my parents!!, I wouldn’t care if it were mine) NOT to mention that all my MIL and FIL do is fight, constantly, OOOOOHHH Shoot me, really though, this has to get better, because I don’t know if I’ll be able to stand it. Oh and hubby is at work till 7:30 tonight, for 13 hrs so I would just make him do it if he were home, since it’s his family, but nope he’s not here. So that’s my babble, I am upset, practically crying right now, still full of a headcold, and did i mention upset…..


Last Post for Awhile….

That’s it, we’re pretty much moved in to my in-laws. I am taking apart the computer and moving it over later today. So, there’s no internet connection as of yet, so I’m not sure when they’ll get something hooked up. Hopefully not long, because it’s my only connection to the outside world!

Last night was our first night at the in-laws. The crib is apart, so A had to sleep for the first time in a big bed. She did ok, but is still freaked out about all of our furniture there and just wants to “go home”. I feel bad for her but what else can we do. Even little E started to get upset. They were excited at first to be sleeping over, but the realization hit her when I said, we’re never going back to our old house, the next time we move is in our new house. She’s good about it, knows we have to do this to get our new home, but still it’s sad to all of us. The kids were all raised here, little baby Nolan/Rylan, still haven’t decided won’t even have a chance to be here.

Oh we’ll make the best of it and it’s not for long, then it’s everyone has their own room and all new, so that’s exciting.

Well this has been a serious ramble for now, I’ll post when I can, hopefully hubby will try and set something up for me quick, so I don’t go through serious withdrawals!

39 weeks, yep, pretty big!

Well I didn’t manage to post every day this month, but hell it was more than I’ve posted in a long time. Tomorrow may be the last post for a looooong time, we are moving tomorrow or Sunday, so after that I’m not sure when I’ll be able to make a post. Anyway, must get back to packing, BLAH~

I had my 2nd last OB appt today. Went fine, baby still head down, got to see his big hands on the u/s. Heartrate 125, he was resting so it was lower. B/p fine and I am measuring at 34 weeks, smaller than last week, he didn’t check me but said the 28th is my last visit and he’ll have a definate date for induction after that. So until then I wait. Hoping for something.

The baby and I have the worst head colds on earth. I think I have the flu, I was all achy and sore yesterday and had chills along with not being able to breathe through my nose! BLAH! A woke up through the night 3x sobbing with her cold/flu. Poor girl, she was excellant today as I had to wait to see my Dr. and file for maternity leave. Not much else to say, going to go to bed soon.

UGH, whiny post here.
I woke up 2 days ago with a major head cold, all stuffed up. Now today, I ache all over, my head is pounding, actually feels like someone was beating my cheekbones with a bat and feverish. I obviously must have the flu. I didn’t sleep well at all for the last 2 nights as I’m sure I won’t be able to tonight also. So far I’m the only one in the house with this so that’s a good thing. Blah, hope it lets up some tomorrow, I need to sleep and can’t when I’m unable to breathe through my nose and otrivin doesn’t cut it at all, only for about 2 hrs and it’s too soon to spray more 😦 Wahhh. What a baby I am, I was thinking that the baby must stay put for another bit because I can’t have a new baby to care of like this, just wait till I feel better kiddo. 😛

The kids got their report cards today. R did excellant, The boy did well I guess as well as expected given his difficulties. I do believe they’ll recommend more 1:1 next year but we’ll do what we are doing for now this year. One positive note she mentioned that he is progressing with home and school help, so that’s it for him. Little E is displaying +++ difficulties in language arts as I already know and groaned about when I met with her teacher at the first of the year. I already know what we are dealing with, most likely she’ll be tested this yr too. But the advantage is she gets the help she needs once the testing is completed, I mean it could be worse. They could be sick children and fortunately all my kids have great health and are pretty cute if I must say 😛 So I meet the teacher for their report cards on Thursday night.

Lastly, tomorrow is my next OB appointment. I also have to file for maternity leave at work so this shall be fun, taking A with me at 11 for the mat leave forms then 11:40 for my Ob appt and that usually is a half hr wait, all with A who is as antsy as I don’t know what, she doesn’t stay put for 5 minutes.

Oh and this weekend, we are moving to the in-laws, we have to have a close date for the trailor of the 30th and this is the only time hubby has while off to move us. I can’t believe how fast things are going. The hole is dug for the new house, except, of course there is always and exception, there is a pile of rock at one end of the hole for the basement that will require jackhammering, hence, more money. Fortunately he only thinks around 500=1000 dollars, so I can go with that, do I have any other choice, no. So that’s that. Will post again tomorrow after my appointment.

Know what I’m listening to right now as I type, and no it’s not the keys…..

The sweet sound of an escavator digging me a BIG OL’ HOLE FOR MY NEW HOUSE! We’ve started, holy shit, we’re actually building a house!

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