UGH, whiny post here.
I woke up 2 days ago with a major head cold, all stuffed up. Now today, I ache all over, my head is pounding, actually feels like someone was beating my cheekbones with a bat and feverish. I obviously must have the flu. I didn’t sleep well at all for the last 2 nights as I’m sure I won’t be able to tonight also. So far I’m the only one in the house with this so that’s a good thing. Blah, hope it lets up some tomorrow, I need to sleep and can’t when I’m unable to breathe through my nose and otrivin doesn’t cut it at all, only for about 2 hrs and it’s too soon to spray more 😦 Wahhh. What a baby I am, I was thinking that the baby must stay put for another bit because I can’t have a new baby to care of like this, just wait till I feel better kiddo. 😛

The kids got their report cards today. R did excellant, The boy did well I guess as well as expected given his difficulties. I do believe they’ll recommend more 1:1 next year but we’ll do what we are doing for now this year. One positive note she mentioned that he is progressing with home and school help, so that’s it for him. Little E is displaying +++ difficulties in language arts as I already know and groaned about when I met with her teacher at the first of the year. I already know what we are dealing with, most likely she’ll be tested this yr too. But the advantage is she gets the help she needs once the testing is completed, I mean it could be worse. They could be sick children and fortunately all my kids have great health and are pretty cute if I must say 😛 So I meet the teacher for their report cards on Thursday night.

Lastly, tomorrow is my next OB appointment. I also have to file for maternity leave at work so this shall be fun, taking A with me at 11 for the mat leave forms then 11:40 for my Ob appt and that usually is a half hr wait, all with A who is as antsy as I don’t know what, she doesn’t stay put for 5 minutes.

Oh and this weekend, we are moving to the in-laws, we have to have a close date for the trailor of the 30th and this is the only time hubby has while off to move us. I can’t believe how fast things are going. The hole is dug for the new house, except, of course there is always and exception, there is a pile of rock at one end of the hole for the basement that will require jackhammering, hence, more money. Fortunately he only thinks around 500=1000 dollars, so I can go with that, do I have any other choice, no. So that’s that. Will post again tomorrow after my appointment.


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  1. my4kids
    Nov 24, 2007 @ 11:53:00

    So do they think E has the same problems as your son with learning issues?
    Good luck on the house building and moving in with the in-laws.


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