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Long and hard

No, no, not what you dirty minds are thinking. I’ve thought long and hard about this and my decision has been made. I’ve applied for the critical care course. The pro’s definately outweigh the cons. With this kind of opportunity, I’d be crazy not to jump for it. Considering that a lot of it is independent studying and hubby will be able to go off on parental leave, make pretty much what he does fulltime working and will be able to watch the children so I can study my brains out. The schedule is better in the long run, I’ll actually have runs of 4 and 5 days off at a time, whereas now, forget it, the place I work, maybe 3 days at a time tops. SO there ya have it, I’m going back (that’s if I get accepted) Next part is to pass the 2 interviews. GOD I hate interviews.

Oh we did get the money yesterday, finally. Apparently it was sent to the wrong account. Hmmm, why didn’t the fuckbags check the other acct instead of treating us like shit. Ohhh I can’t wait till my dealings are through with them. I’ll have her/him know what I think of them in a polite and professional manner, unlike we’ve been treated 🙂

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The house is reallllly coming along, they have the primer all on the walls, the paint is ordered and there, ready for them to put on. The basement is started, the walls are all up, now they just have to insulate, gyprock, crackfill, lol, the whole 9 yards. But hell it’s really getting there. I can’t believe that we may be in it, in only 3 more weeks!

Decisions, decisions…..

Ugh, I’m having a hard time making up my mind with what I want to do. The hospital I work at offers courses throughout the year and they are offering the critical Care nursing program now. It would start April 21st, it’s 3 mos long and it would be all days with no nights. You are home for most of it, with independant learning. Anyway, the hard part is that I still am on maternity leave, and I’d have to go back to work early. 😦

I want to take the course, and it will be offered again, maybe the fall which would be great too. I have no idea if i should do it now or later at another time. Everyone that works ICU loves it. I would have a full-time spot in icu if i wanted it, the schedule is way better, with lots of opportunity to pick up overtime. I have no idea if i should wait till the fall (if they do infact have it again then) or just do it now~ I wish I could make up my mind, what would you do?

Terrible Two’s

This is by far the biggest understatement I have heard in my lifetime. I have gone through this 3 times before Ava, but each time I think it’s worse than the child before. She’s officially hit this wonderful stage of toddler-hood. Yikes, the shrieking screams are just out of this world. Like this morning, she was pulling all the wipes out of the container so she could use one on her bear. Lovely. I gave her one but that wasn’t good enough. She also wants to diaper this bear, about 30,000 times a day. As if I don’t change enough diapers in the run of a day, I’ve got to change bears. LOL.

Oh I ran into a girl that I worked with at a different hospital. Anyway, she has a baby that was born in Oct 06, after I had Ava, she had a c=section and had her tubes tied then. Guess what, she’s 12 weeks preggo now. The thought of that actually sickened me. Yikes.


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