Thank God, Nolan feels better. The croupiness is gone, but the cold is still here. He coughs and is full of snot, nice image eh? Oh well at least he doesn’t sound like a seal in my living room. 

 So yesterday, since baby was feeling well, and hubby was out of beer, like a good little wife I decided I would get him his beer and a few coolers for myself, to drink, like 2-3. So I went to the liquor store to make my purchase. Walked around the aisles, looking for something that I would like, and I stumbled upon, chocolate mudshake vodka coolers, YUMMMMM! So I got 2 of those and a french vanilla one. OH they were so tasty. So back to the point of this story. I got up the cash register and the fella actually hit me for ID. I laughed at him, and said “are you serious?” and he’s all like well, if I have any doubt that you are under 19, I have to ask. I’m like, ooook, bud here it is, I’ll be 30 this year but hey, glad you think I look young. He was no doubt surprised when he saw the ID. I wonder what he would have thought about my 5 children, one that’s almost 12…..


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  1. Lisanne
    Feb 08, 2008 @ 12:28:21

    Oh my gosh! I cannot believe it ~ croup in a two-month-old! Lucas and Meredith both had it as toddlers. It’s scary stuff ~ especially in a baby *so* little! I am so sorry … thank goodness he’s feeling better now. Poor Meredith had it not too long ago ~ the doctor gave her a steroid.


  2. whimsicalchaos
    Feb 08, 2008 @ 14:14:06

    lol… on the id part… that is toooo funny… and so glad that the croup is gone… poor kid for still having a cold!!


  3. Leah
    Feb 08, 2008 @ 16:51:46

    I’m glad Nolan if feeling better!
    About the ID….I would card you too! I have said before that you look sooo young! I used to manage a cigarette store and I would have carded you if you were my customer! 🙂
    Those coolers do sound yummy. I might have to go buy me some!! That is if I can find them!


  4. Erin
    Feb 08, 2008 @ 18:13:01

    Glad Nolan’s over the croup.

    At our mall you can’t go there by yourself if you’re under 16 after like 6:00 pm….I was shopping by myself with Hailey one Friday night and got stopped as I was pushing her stroller along. The guy asked me if I was with the older lady walking behind me(she had 2 older kids w/ her) and I said “no, why…..” He asked to see my ID! I asked him if he was joking…he said no, so I told him I was 24 years old, married and this was my 1 1/2 year old daughter! He still wanted my ID!! He as shocked when he saw it! Talk about embarrassing…


  5. Lesley
    Feb 09, 2008 @ 01:51:53

    That’s good to here that bubby is getting over the Croup.
    Take the ID thing as a compliment. I have loved hearing that in the past too.
    Have a good one!


  6. my4kids
    Feb 10, 2008 @ 21:22:36

    I’ve had that on occasion. It used to drive me nuts but not as much anymore. I just laugh.
    Glad Nolan is better.


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