Since I’m awake and having nothing better to post about, I’m going to join everyone else and do the whole 6 lies and 2 truths post. The first one to win will get something great, LOL. I’d have to think long and hard about this one. Anyway, here goes, just email me if you want to play along at

 1. I went skydiving 4 years ago, it was scary as hell but the biggest rush of my life.

2. I hate breastfeeding, I find it a pain in the ass.

3. In my senior year of highschool I was crowned football queen.

4. I have one tattoo, it’s on my ankle, it’s a pretty red rose.

5. I was recently diagnosed with arthritis, my hands feel like I have 5 thumbs first thing in the morning.

6. In my last year of nursing I received an award for highest achievement overall.

7. Hubby proposed to me finally after  4 years of dating.

8. I love animals, I would have a housefull if I could. Maybe I can now with my new home. 🙂

 Ok guys, lets see who gets these right first. Remember 2 of these are true, the others are all BS!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. denise
    Feb 12, 2008 @ 12:20:58

    These are too easy. I want to play. Also can you email me the password to your last post?


  2. twinsRus
    Feb 12, 2008 @ 23:34:39

    Okay I am up for it! I am going to email u my answers right now….ttyl heather


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