We have a winner, Heather aka twinsrus, guessed correctly. The true answers were #2 and #6.

1. I went skydiving 4 years ago, it was scary as hell but the biggest rush of my life.

I would NEVER go skydiving. I’m terrified of heights. I think getting on a plane is scary enough, the thoughts of jumping out, I couldn’t do it.

2. I hate breastfeeding, I find it a pain in the ass.

This is true. I really can’t stand to do it. My reasoning for breastfeeding is because when my first was born she had colic and that was realllllly hard to deal with, so I decided I would do ANYTHING to help prevent it in any other children so I breastfed everyone else. I find it time consuming, he’s stuck to me like glue, I have to get up with him through the night and so on, there’s no point in dreaming of hubby getting up cause he can’t breastfeed.  I mean if it wasn’t so good for babies, and free, I would probably supplement more. He’s only ever had maybe 10 ounces of formula.

3. In my senior year of highschool I was crowned football queen.

That’s a complete crock of shit, I’m not sure where this statement came from. Our highschool hasn’t even gotten a football team. LOL.

4. I have one tattoo, it’s on my ankle, it’s a pretty red rose.

Nope. no tattoo’s here. I hate needles, so I wouldn’t be able to willingly get one. I heard it’s not that bad, and actually addictive when you do get one but, I doubt I’d be courageous enough to do it. I know, I’m a nurse and hate needles, I don’t care if I give someone one, or an IV, I just don’t want to get them.

5. I was recently diagnosed with arthritis, my hands feel like I have 5 thumbs first thing in the morning.

This is partially true, I haven’t been diagnosed with arthritis yet, but certainly have all the symptoms of it. I can’t even put E’s hair up in the morning very well cause they are too stiff to move.

6. In my last year of nursing I received an award for highest achievement overall.

Yep, this one is true. I did get an award in my final year of nursing.

7. Hubby proposed to me finally after  4 years of dating.

Nope, he proposed only after 7 months of dating, we were married 15 mos after our first date~! Now we have been married for 9 yrs this Aug.

8. I love animals, I would have a housefull if I could. Maybe I can now with my new home.

Total bullshit, I actually can’t stand animals. Partly due to my allergies to animal dander, I can’t get near them without sneezing my face off. My dog we do own, stays outdoors or in her bed away from me. I’m not bad unless I’m petting them, so I don’t go close to her.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. merr
    Feb 14, 2008 @ 16:53:26

    Wow you are good! I could not for the life of me figure out which was true or not. You made up some good, believable lies.


  2. Claudia
    Feb 15, 2008 @ 16:54:42

    What a fun game. I copied your idea over on my blog today.


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