My poor Ava is sick, again. She’s got a high temp and i think a UTI. I have to take her to the Dr. today, she’s been complaining that her diaper hurts, my guess it hurts to pee. That and it smells concentrated, so maybe she could have one. She also has a really stuffed up nose, hopefully she does not have a sinus infection as the cause of her fever. Whatever it is from, I want it gone. Hopefully no one else gets like this. She’s so sooky i can’t put her down, and poor nolan needs to be fed in there too.


House Pics

Sorry the quality is crap, but I’d be here forever if i didn’t reduce it.

my-living-room-looking-into-the-dining-room.jpg Looking into my dining room, from my family room.

my-stairs-lol.jpg Here’s my stairs, off the entrance in the front, looking into my den. This pic was taken from the family room.

avas-room.jpg Ava’s room. I tried to put it upright, but it would cut off some of the pic, you get the idea anyway.

kitchen-1.jpg  This one is of the pantry right around the fridge (which will be there friday, yay)

kitchen2.jpg another look at the cupboards there lol

kitchen3.jpg The rest of the kitchen, the countertops are going on today

sitting-area.jpg thats my sitting room at the top of the stairs

my-half-assed-attempt-at-taking-a-pic-of-my-room.jpg my room, I suck at taking pics, there’s the bathroom and closet off of it.

nolans-room.jpg Nolan’s room, and again this pic is sideways, sorry

I’m in

I had my second interview today for the critical care course and I’m in. I’m kind of excited to be studying again. One of the girls that is teaching it told me how it’s more anatomy and physiology based and acid base balance, lots of info crammed into 15 weeks. The course material is first then clinical placements into the different units.  It feels like school all over again. But the perks, I get paid fulltime wages to go! I also am getting my ACLS course for free too. That’s over 200 to take on my own too. SOmething else that’s definately advantageous to have.

So it starts on April 21, so I have about another month off, then I hit the books. Hubby will go off on parental leave so it’ll be nice to have the weekends off with him and evenings alone with him in our new place. Plus we don’t have to stress about finances.

Oh the house the house, another update. The cupboards are there, they aren’t right. Some are, some aren’t. Yah that sucks ass. The installer guy said, he rarely ever sees them delivered without being screwed up in some way. Also, one of them is smashed in on the side, like hello what the hell, were you playing toss the cupboard as a game guys??? So that’ll have to be re-ordered in. Then the counter=top issue. The ones we picked aren’t available for the bathrooms yet, sooo we get a substitute till the others come in. This is the hateful part of building. I see why some say it is stressful, cause i”m feeling it now….

Also the carpet upstairs is being laid today. So there should be lots of difference today. I”ll take some pics tonight and post them soon.

155wk.jpgAren’t I cute?

I’m such a bitch

I have been sooooooooooooooooooo cranky lately, I can’t even stand to be around myself, if that’s possible. I must be going to start my period. I’m kind of really upset about that, I was really wanting to put that off as long as possible, it just seems that Nolan’s longer bouts of not eating is just enough to bring on the old hag again. BLAH. He’s getting a little better also. Still coughing his brains out, but no fever, thank god. Has been having some cranky moments, just like me, later in the evening. Must be due to my yummy coffee. I’m also not nice due to my sleep deprivation. Me + no sleep = Hateful cranky woman. The baby has been up so much through the night, then I have to get up in the morning and do my mom duties. Just once i’d like hubby to get up and get the kids ready and out the door for school. He seems to think they can manage on their own, as he yells orders from his bed. Ummm, no that doesn’t work, they need more direction than that. LOL.

I did some easter shopping yesterday. We only get the kiddies some chocolate and a few dollarstore thingys. I got them a little easter bucket each and got them a stuffed toy each, and some beautiful tattoo’s. LOL. I also bought myself some eggs. hehe. Anyway, the egg hunt is on for Good Friday. Since I am working Saturday and hubby is working easter sunday and monday. So there ya have it, the bunny comes to our house early. 🙂 Other than this, not a thing is going on here. THe house is getting there, but not quite done. The basement ceramic is down in the bathroom *that’ll be nice and freakin’ cold* The paint is there for the bedrooms, I think all thats’ left is to paint the rooms/doors down there and the molding around the floor on the main floor. of course the carpet has to be laid too. It’s getting there, I would think maybe the first of April we’ll be in, or the end of this month. All the finishing touches takes some time.

Will this winter ever end???

 I am beyond sick of the kids being sick all the time. Ava and Nolan both have croup. Last night, I had had enough when Nolan’s temp wouldn’t come down with the advil alone. I took him to ER because there was no way I was going to sleep now, after he gagged up a bucket of greenish mucous and was all around crappy. So I get there at 2am. The nurse triaged him and asked what was going on and why am I now bringing him in. I had told her that I was concerned about the temp, what’s causing it, he’s only 3 mos. Anyway, she took his temp, it was 39.6. Wonderful, she gave him some tylenol at this point, I would have done the same except, I had none at this hour of the night. Then she weighed him, my boy is now 14.8lbs. Imagine, the baby has gained 7lbs since his birth! Anyway, of course he’s all smiley and giggley for everyone, why not? this is great, everyone is up with me now. At this point I felt stupid, I hate this, I know I’m a nurse, but I don’t like to chance things, I know how easily things can go bad fast, so I really didn’t want to wait this out any longer.

Of course not 20 minutes there, a code blue is announced and on the floor I work on, so I knew we’d have a bit of a wait. About a half hour later the Dr. finally comes to see him. He told me that if the baby was about a week younger he would have been more aggressive, iv antibiotics, testing for meningitis and whatnot, but he wasn’t going to do that. He just did a chest xray, which was REALLY FUN, i must add and gave him a single dose steriod and aerosol. And off our merry way we went. Of course he told me the “if by any means he gets worse, take him back in” song and dance and that was that. I feel like a boob, but at that time, I really wanted him checked out. He’s ok now, still crappy sounding and not himself, but certainly no worse. No wonder he’s always sick though, with the giant germ Ava on him all the time 😦

Oh I guess I should blog about the job scenario. Hubby didn’t end up taking it, I went for the first interview for my course and will have another interview after the Easter weekend, So I will most likely take this course. I knew we’d have our minds made up ASAP. So that’s the story.

I survived my first shift back to work. I was completely lost at first. I think maybe overwhelmed. There were so many medical patients, DNR’s with a ton of IV fluids, Oxygen and Tube feeding. Doesn’t it seem stragne to be so aggresive with a DNR. I mean I know that you don’t deprive them of things, but she was 94 non-responsive, in my opinion it just seemed a bit much, but i do what i’m told in this area of work.

Since I’ve been gone, they changed the nsg care to POD nursing, new to me, i had my own, 8 pts to care for with no LPN or anyone. That was different. Oh needles, they changed too. I had no idea how to use them, that and the glucometer. It’s a scanner thing, like walmart, but still I couldn’t use it cause I don’t have a scanner code thingy.

 After about an hr after I checked all the meds over, I was able to think clearly again and relax and remember what I was doing. It’s funny, when you spend all your time watching cartoons with the kids and have been away from this and for me only a short time, it’s  surprising how much you fall out of your routine and into a new one.

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