March Break

As the title says, it’s march break here for the kids. My oldest has gone to her grandmom’s house for the week, so one down 4 to go ๐Ÿ˜‰

No really, we are going to take the kiddies to the movies tonight, out to dinner first at one of their favorite spots. There’s really not much else we can do, hubby is working 3-11 tomorrow then 12 hr days for the next 2. Then me, I’m going to work Thursday night. Ack, I can’t believe I’ll be back for one shift, but nonetheless it’s one shift. Oh well, it’s a good transition to getting back in the swing of things. I still haven’t heard anything yet about the ICU course, so just waiting on that. I was also looking at job postings at the hospital and there are 3 fulltime spots in OBS. This, this is the one spot I actually LOVED working in. I went to work each day LOVING my job. I just don’t have enough experience for the position. I’m going to call the unit manager today and ask her, just what could I do to gain enough experience to eventually be eligible for a position. Maybe doing a shift here and there, while on maternity leave for 8 more months could be the ticket. I would stay where I was then, if I knew that would ensure me the exp. for an eventual job there. I know that there will be more vacancies there too. JEEZ decisions are so hard! I’m sure the right thing will happen for me, I’m just so lucky that I have work, and that this is my biggest problem, where to work.ย  I know it can be worse.

Oh well, not much new going on here, Nolan is getting biggggg. I have to get him his jumperoo soon, he’s definately got the strength to use it now. He’s so strong. His legs are too, he’ll stand on your lap, while you hold his fingers for minutes at a time. Little fart is growing too quick for me ๐Ÿ™‚

Finally a house update. Yah the estimated completion date, is just that. An estimate, in which they were wrong. I dont’ think it’ll be too much further off though, maybe the end of the month. The upstairs is completely finished, just have the flooring to go down, light fixtures and the grouting for the ceramic in both bathrooms and of course the sink/cupboards up there and toilets. The main floor, the painting in the dining room/ kitchen and then bathroom has to be finished as well as the french doors. The flooring too, the railing has to be glued on the staircase and then of course the kitchen cupboards as well as toilet, sink in bathroom downstairs. The basement, this is what’ll take time. The heating is completely done there, but the walls are just finished the first step of crackfilling. They have to sand it down, do it again, and again. BLAH. Then the primer, trim, flooring and sink/toilet business again. So that’s not much, but it is! Also the steps for the side door and back patio door have to be finished.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. denise
    Mar 10, 2008 @ 11:21:35

    Sounds like things are coming a ong. My kids are out for easter break next week. Hey does Britney have a blog?


  2. Jessica
    Mar 10, 2008 @ 21:08:56

    Even though I don’t work, I’m still so jealous of the long maternity leave you get in Canada!


  3. my4kids
    Mar 11, 2008 @ 03:58:08

    Sounds like they are getting so close to being done with the house though. I can tell you are soo anxious!
    It is good you have so many options for your job.


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