I survived my first shift back to work. I was completely lost at first. I think maybe overwhelmed. There were so many medical patients, DNR’s with a ton of IV fluids, Oxygen and Tube feeding. Doesn’t it seem stragne to be so aggresive with a DNR. I mean I know that you don’t deprive them of things, but she was 94 non-responsive, in my opinion it just seemed a bit much, but i do what i’m told in this area of work.

Since I’ve been gone, they changed the nsg care to POD nursing, new to me, i had my own, 8 pts to care for with no LPN or anyone. That was different. Oh needles, they changed too. I had no idea how to use them, that and the glucometer. It’s a scanner thing, like walmart, but still I couldn’t use it cause I don’t have a scanner code thingy.

 After about an hr after I checked all the meds over, I was able to think clearly again and relax and remember what I was doing. It’s funny, when you spend all your time watching cartoons with the kids and have been away from this and for me only a short time, it’s  surprising how much you fall out of your routine and into a new one.


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  1. my4kids
    Mar 16, 2008 @ 19:11:13

    Glad you survived. The first day back is always hard especially when they change things.


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