Will this winter ever end???

 I am beyond sick of the kids being sick all the time. Ava and Nolan both have croup. Last night, I had had enough when Nolan’s temp wouldn’t come down with the advil alone. I took him to ER because there was no way I was going to sleep now, after he gagged up a bucket of greenish mucous and was all around crappy. So I get there at 2am. The nurse triaged him and asked what was going on and why am I now bringing him in. I had told her that I was concerned about the temp, what’s causing it, he’s only 3 mos. Anyway, she took his temp, it was 39.6. Wonderful, she gave him some tylenol at this point, I would have done the same except, I had none at this hour of the night. Then she weighed him, my boy is now 14.8lbs. Imagine, the baby has gained 7lbs since his birth! Anyway, of course he’s all smiley and giggley for everyone, why not? this is great, everyone is up with me now. At this point I felt stupid, I hate this, I know I’m a nurse, but I don’t like to chance things, I know how easily things can go bad fast, so I really didn’t want to wait this out any longer.

Of course not 20 minutes there, a code blue is announced and on the floor I work on, so I knew we’d have a bit of a wait. About a half hour later the Dr. finally comes to see him. He told me that if the baby was about a week younger he would have been more aggressive, iv antibiotics, testing for meningitis and whatnot, but he wasn’t going to do that. He just did a chest xray, which was REALLY FUN, i must add and gave him a single dose steriod and aerosol. And off our merry way we went. Of course he told me the “if by any means he gets worse, take him back in” song and dance and that was that. I feel like a boob, but at that time, I really wanted him checked out. He’s ok now, still crappy sounding and not himself, but certainly no worse. No wonder he’s always sick though, with the giant germ Ava on him all the time 😦

Oh I guess I should blog about the job scenario. Hubby didn’t end up taking it, I went for the first interview for my course and will have another interview after the Easter weekend, So I will most likely take this course. I knew we’d have our minds made up ASAP. So that’s the story.


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  1. rainbowfudge
    Mar 17, 2008 @ 09:35:23

    NEVER feel like a boob. Even if you are a nurse – why the heck shouldn’t you take your kid in if you’re concerned?? Croup is serious – our doctors policy is croup = emergency room visit (no matter WHAT), and if after an adrenaline nebulizer and dose of preflam followed by a parmicort nebulizer there isn’t complete and utter improvement and that kid is breathing normally with no stridor – then it means overnight admission. We once had to take Bubby into the ER where he was treated by some foreign doctor who tried to send us away after all of the above (but bubby still had audible stridor) and all I can say is thank god there was a paediatrician on the floor who (having been called in for someone else) overheard this came over and said to the doctor, “NO way is that kid going home, get him admitted now, he still has stridor – that’s admission, you know that.” Today – also at my 35week check up with my obgyn, she kept saying to me – “rather come in if you’re unsure about anything, so what if it’s your second pregnancy, you can’t always tell if there’s something wrong if you’re not sure, (and she said the following in these exact words) Get your ass down to the emergency room and have them check you out, don’t even bother to phone me to tell me what’s wrong, because I’m just going to tell you to get your butt down here anyway! Ok!? Rather waste the time coming to the hospital, than leaving it and then it’s too late if something is wrong.” So thats my philosophy! I never take a trip to the ER lightly, but if in ANY doubt – we go. So far we’ve never been wrong. At 3 months I’d be really frightened if my little guy had croup (Bubby only started getting it around 9 months) so you totally did the right thing.


  2. Emma
    Mar 17, 2008 @ 11:50:56

    I too think you did the right thing. And aren’t those chest xrays something on a baby!?


  3. twinsRus
    Mar 17, 2008 @ 20:19:44

    Hey Girly! Sorry to hear that nolan has croup again….the steroid should help it alot….ttyl heather


  4. Jessica
    Mar 17, 2008 @ 20:35:46

    I’m so sorry! Poor Nolan. 😦 I hope he’s all better soon.


  5. Claudia
    Mar 18, 2008 @ 15:42:11

    I was at the ER this past weekend too, you can never be too safe. I’m glad to see that the baby is ok.


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