i really haven’t been posting much because I don’t really have much to say. My life is so incredibly busy with this critical care course that it’s consuming all my time. When I get home from class around 4pm I usually spend about 2 hrs with the kids then it’s study, read and read some more. I am really enjoying it though. I feel as though I’m learning tons, even though it isn’t exactly sinking in at this exact moment. The more my instructors give examples of their moments in ER situations, the more I think I’ll like to work the ER> I may do that after doing ICU for a few months. Just to get more experience with Vents and ART lines and whatever. Since it’s all foreign to me.

The 27th was my oldest daughter;s 12th birthday. I can now say i have a 12 yr old. HOly crap, one more year then it’s the teens. That’s so crazy! She had a sleepover with 9 girls altogether. It wasn’t that bad though, they were down in her room, the other 2 kids stayed out at their aunts so they had the whole basement with all their bedrooms to go into. I never heard a thing, so that’s all that mattered. 🙂

Oh yesterday NOlan had rice cereal for the first time. I can’t believe it, i wasn’t home to watch it 😦                

Apparently he really enjoyed it. He’s been exclusively breatfed up until this point (excluding the week we were in the hospital with Ava) So I continue to nurse him, I”ll pump halfway through my day while i’m in class and usually on the drive home, LOL, i’m really great at multitasking. hehe.

What else can I say…… I really think it’s going to take some time for me to get over Ava’s sickness. Well for her too, she’s better but still she says she’s sore, and she’s really tired. It’s nothing for her to go to bed for the night at 6pm and wake the next day at 8am. I was saying to hubby, I haven’t really had any time to process the severity of what happened, it was all so quick, then we were home and then nolan was sick. I of course started this insane course right at the same time~ Oh well, all things happen for a reason i suppose so i havent’ cracked yet so I guess i won’t…… 🙂


Well, if it rains it pours in my life.

Ava is doing better, got a little cough, flu season and all. Her skin is peeling more and she’s complaining about soreness from time to time, overall though she’s her usual self in behaviour.

Now Nolan, I’ll tell you his update. Yah, Sunday he started with a cough, sounding a little shitty nothing different from his run of the mill cold he gets from the older children. Monday, a little worse, fever now controlled with tylenol. Tuesday, getting shittier sounding, woke up through the night, short of breath, coughing like a 40yr smoker and getting greyish on us. Wednesday, (i’m in class all day so hubby is home) nolan is sleeping all the time, wakes from his nap and is very lethargic, respirations increased with grunting noted. Greeeatttt, hubby takes him to the Dr. she says she doesn’t like the sound of his chest and started him in vento.lin and flo.vent right away, giving the old, if he gets worse speech bring him to ER. Well as if i didn’t have enough stress in my life the last few weeks he’s getting crappier. So at around 2am I took him to the ER. The Dr. there listened and said he was on the borderline of admitting him. So he referred him to see a pediatrician and that’s when he decided to admit the baby. He was put on 1L of oxygen and his O2 sats were 98%. Much better, even pinky in color again. He had some blood work in emergency and had a chest xray and up to the ped ward we went. We were admitted to the exact same room Ava was in before she was transferred to iwk. Creepy. Anyway, he got aerosols around the clock and was started on an antibiotic in which i gasped and asked if it was absolutely necessary, after our previous experience with it and i was reassured. We’re home on a pass, he sounds much better and the test for RSV came back negative so i think it’s the flu, so right now we are all just trying to get healthy. If that’s possible for us.

Ok, really though there isn’t enough time in the run of a day. I just started my CCNP course  on Monday and all i do is read, read and read some more. But I can only handle so much cardio and resp assessment that I’m taking a break.

So the rest of the story. So when we arrive there like i said we were bombarded by Dr. after Dr. They were worried that her condition would eventually progress to TENS. Look that one up too for a full description. The only thing that they have found that MAY work is IViG. Which even in the end isn’t proven to help, just it may boost the body’s immune system and set things back on track. The dermatologist told us at that point if she was sick enough to be in that room, she was sick enough to need it. So we signed the consent form for this since it’s a blood product. But it was later in the evening so they didn’t hang it that night, according to all the protocols and whatnot. They agreed that they’d do it in the morning. Around 8pm the dermatologist came in and suggested we let him do a biopsy just in case they didn’t know what was going on, at least the skin was still intact and they could turn to that if there was nothing else left to do. So i agreed and he did that. She didn’t mind it too much, she got one stitch in her arm.

After that the night nurse came in and did her assessment. Ava fell asleep at this point. The nurse told us we should go and try to sleep that the next day would be busy and that she’d give us a pager and page us the second she woke up. We went to our parent room in the hospital and there i pumped my brains out and went to sleep for a bit. I of course had to pump every 4 hrs as nolan is still feeding quite frequently through the night.  Anyway, i called to check on her at 5am and she was still sleeping so around 6am we went back to the room with her.

She woke up around 7am and saw some stars painted on the wall and started singing twinke twinkle little star like she always does, i sang along with her. i was sooo relieved to see some of my old ava back. I even told hubby i thought she looked better, that she wasn’t as red, he saw it too. The drs again started coming in one after the other to check on her to see how her night went.   They all agreed to hold off on the IViG and to see how she progresses, if she continued the way she was going she wouldn’t need it at all. She continued to get better and better as the hours went on, there was no worsening and she was much like herself. Her output started to pick up too, so around 3pm we were given the ok to be transferred to a medical floor. Before going to that unit the opthamologist had to check her eyes, since they are involved with SJS and can become damaged. Well that was something i’d never want to witness again. He had to use this machine and had it directly on her eyeball. I know a lot of readers have small children so picture them letting a complete stranger gowned and gloved come in and stick a machine on your eyeball! At that point the other resident ordered versed for her to try and relax. The nurse gave it to her iv push and she was a little calm for that part then she giggled hysterically for a minute then she SCREAMED for the remaining 15min. They gave it to her again and the same reaction. I had had enough at that point of watching them continuously poke at my baby. I could only imagine what her little mind was thinking! 😦 After the eye exam which showed her eyes were perfect we moved up to the medical floor. There we stayed for another 5 days. They had to monitor her skin to make sure no blisters formed and led to breakdown, since this can commonly happen. She was so lucky that only her face was involved in blistering and it has now healed since. She’s still completely reddened from head to toe, itchy most of the time and looks awful but she’s back to her old self.

The first picture is what we woke up to that morning. Keep in mind that her whole body was this red, it hadn’t spread that far at this point.

And of course the second one is her now. Still recovering but cute as ever.

Since I have a few minutes, I’ll type up some of the story.

She’s fine, 100% better but I’ll start from the beginning.

Last Monday on the 7th, I noticed her face was quite flushed, I thought she may have had a fever, i noticed this while we were driving to the store. When we got there, the redness was gone and she had a few spots on her cheeks. I thought, well she must have a heat rash, and didn’t think again about it until that evening when I was getting her ready for bed. I put her pjs on and noticed more spots, nothing too alarming, they were on her belly and back. I thought maybe an allergy to the amoxil but it was about 3 days since she last had it. I also wondered if maybe she was allergic to the carpet in the new house. She went to sleep easily that night and woke up twice, the second time hubby took her to our bed. She was fidgety and itching her legs but i never turned the lights on, so i didn’t think anymore of it. The sun came up in the morning and I was SCHOCKED at what we saw. Her cheeks were bright bright red, with spots ALL OVER. Her lips were extrememly swollen, cracked and bleeding. I knew something was terribly wrong, hubby took her to ER and we got a consult to see a pediatrician later that day at 2pm. THis was around 8am that hubby had her seen. We waited at our house and she slept pretty much the whole time. Her face was getting worse as the hours passed, blisters formed on her cheeks and they would burst her face was getting so big.

When I saw the ped. she had told me she was immdiately admitting her and was starting her on IV fluids, because her mouth was also affected. She knew right away it was most likely  So there at the hospital they got the iv started about 830pm, this point she was very lethargic, and VERY swollen and her whole body was reddened. The dermatologist was consulted and came in too around 9pm. There they stayed at the desk, talking to IWK and decided at about 1130pm that they were going to airlift her to that hospital (which is about a 70min flight) Well I knew something was desparately wrong, b/c they normally don’t do that, they’d drive (about 4hrs) if the pt was stable. IT was progressing so fast. There is no cure, nothing they can do but supportive care, that’s when I think i was a little in shock. I was terrified it’d affect her airways and she’d be intubated or crash on us. FInally the next morning she was sent out. WE were admitted directly to the pediatric ICU and that’s when all the testing started. I must mention she also had a catheter and NG inserted prior to leaving.

When there we were bombarded by DR. after Dr. specialist after specialist. I may have spoken to about 10 different Dr.s in about 4 hrs. They only thing they could offer was to give her IV IG infusion to help, but that wasn’t proven to be effective either.

I’ll write up the second part another time. Nolan’s crying.

Well, I don’t have much time to update. I will tell you that we’ve just gotten home from the IWK after Ava was airlifted out due to

Apparently shes quite allergic to either ibuprofen or amoxil.

She’s going to be fine, but holy shit, I was never so scared in all my life. A person has .8 in 1 million chance of getting this. I’ll write about it soon.

Moving day

I’m so excited we are moving all our things in today and tomorrow. Yay, the house is done! I thought this day would never come but now that it’s here it didn’t seem that long ago. Well i’ll post pics when we are in and everything is settled. I won’t have internet for a bit so i’ll post again when i can!

Oh and tomorrow is Ava’s 2nd birthday! Wow has that time gone fast. She’s so big now, she’s into everything, talks up a storm, she’s so loveable. Her new name for me now is “momma’. It’s too cute, everywhere she goes, Momma i wov you. Momma, hehehe. She also loves her new room, she never wants to leave when we go there moving things in. She’s like, no we stay house. hehe. We’ll be having a little party for her during the week, for now, we’re just going to get settled in the new place.

Well Ava is feeling a little better, he said she’s got a bacterial infection somewhere, so that’s enough for me, she’s got the antibiotics so hopefully she’ll get over this in another day or so. Nolan is good so far, just got a stuffy nose, jeez i hope he doesn’t get it. It’s like the never ending sickness here.

 The house will be finished tomorrow! I can’t believe it, we are going to get some stuff moved over the weekend, hubby is working nights fri, sat and sun, so that’s the reason we can’t get in sooner 😦  We do have the occupancy permit so that’s good enough for me, can’t wait to get in it!

I was just sitting down yesterday, as it was april fool’s day and I had said to my FIL, remember last year what i told you for april fool’s day, he said, yah he’s sitting right there on the sofa. LOL. I had told him last year but made it out as a joke, little did he know at the time eh?