Well Ava is feeling a little better, he said she’s got a bacterial infection somewhere, so that’s enough for me, she’s got the antibiotics so hopefully she’ll get over this in another day or so. Nolan is good so far, just got a stuffy nose, jeez i hope he doesn’t get it. It’s like the never ending sickness here.

 The house will be finished tomorrow! I can’t believe it, we are going to get some stuff moved over the weekend, hubby is working nights fri, sat and sun, so that’s the reason we can’t get in sooner 😦  We do have the occupancy permit so that’s good enough for me, can’t wait to get in it!

I was just sitting down yesterday, as it was april fool’s day and I had said to my FIL, remember last year what i told you for april fool’s day, he said, yah he’s sitting right there on the sofa. LOL. I had told him last year but made it out as a joke, little did he know at the time eh?


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