Wordless Wednesday

*Edited* So not completely wordless, that’s me and my oldest.


New pic

Here’s a new picture of the little guy taken today, He’s almost 6 months old. Time sure goes by fast. He’s rolling around everywhere he wants to go and he’s trying to sit up now. We’ve started him on veggies, he loves sweet potatoes and he’s tried bananas too. He loves to eat!

Omg, i just wrote my first exam and i’ll say that it was fair, no surprises and had i been prepared i would have rocked it! With that being said, i’ll backtrack to Friday night for you all.

Friday night I got hit with the nastiest flu on earth, yep, vomiting, diarrhea, you name it. Nice eh? Then Ava gets it about the same time as me, having to hold her head over a bucket while i am trying not to vomit from movement. Then my Ethan gets it later that night. Nice eh. Hubby had it Thursday night and Friday. So with my sickness, I was confined to bed, with gra.vol and slept the day away. Didn’t study until Sunday and spent my focus on non-important things. Hopefully I passed, I shall see today, keep your fingers crossed@!

*Edited* Well I passed, not with flying colors that I wanted but whatever. It will make me work harder next time. Oh and i re-read my post here and laughed at how much i used eh?? LOL! I basically type the way i talk, so you’d hear quite an accent from me.

I had my first practical exam on Friday, i did fine. I have another one this friday then my first written exam on Monday. I’m scared to death, apparently the last group of people that took this course failed this exam. I am trying not to think i’m doomed but really how could they all do bad (11)? So the way the course is being delived has been totally revamped, so I”m hoping that there is hope for me this time. ANyway, think of me if you are the praying type that i’ll do good, anything counts 😉

Also my E has gotten sick, she’s been throwing up all day, hopefully it won’t go like wildfire through my house, I feel queasy but  i think it’s b/c i’ve been up till 1am reading then up 3x with teh babies through the night. Ignore the typo’s i’m too lazy to correct them. I have to start reading my endo.crin.e lecture now. Wish me luck that it’ll stay in my head the first time i read it!