Today was my little Emma’s birthday, today she turned 7 yrs old. She had a sleepover party last night and had a great time. THey watched r.ock. and painted their nails and did some fun girly stuff. She got lots of clothes that were much needed and really enjoyed herself.

School is almost out for the kids, only a week left and that it’s for another year! We are sending the kids to cam.p this year for their grading presents.

I’m back to work tomorrow and terrified. Yikes, I hope that I have a good day and learn a lot. Anyway, must go finish bathing the babies.



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I finally finished the course, the written material that is. The clinical portion starts tomorrow night. Im actually pretty nervous to be working in ICU, people are actually sick hence the reason they are there. LOL. Oh well i’m sure i’ll adjust, and if i don’t like it i can return to my ortho spot.

It’s been quite a long time since my last real post. I haven’t had much time to do anything other than read/study and play with the kids these days! I’ve definately learned a lot more than I ever imagined possible in such a short time frame. I’m finished of the course a week from today. I can’t believe that it’s almost over. I start full-time work after that. I have been thinking a lot lately about scrapping the blog writing. I really do enjoy reading what i’ve written in the past, I just don’t have the time to write, let along comment half the time, especially with my slow internet connection.

A few new things to write about, my baby turned 6 months old on the first. He’s now eating everything in sight, I still nurse him when i get home from school and twice through the night. He’s trying to sit up, he can for a few moments on his own now. He’s almost too big for his infant car seat, he tries to sit up on his own in it, instead of laying back. He’s wearing size 3 diapers and wearing size 12 mos clothes. I am starting him on 2 stage foods this week.

We bought a car 2 weeks ago, a hyundai accent, I was just getting so sick of the price of gas and to fill my van was too much especially that it would only last me 4 days. Blah, so it’s nice, it’s wine colored and a standard, so i have fun driving it.

I guess that’s about all i have to write about for now.