I have to charge my battery on my camera to get a pic uploaded of the new haircut. I’m so lazy these days, it’s embarrassing.

Remember my last post, well about 10 min after i left the house i went to my SIL for supper, as i was walking up her driveway, i was with my oldest daughter and i saw her 1 yr old pu.ppy, d.e.a.d. Hit by a car. What a sin, it wasn;t gory or anything, but i’m shocked he’s gone. My dog and him used to play for HOURS…i’m so upset for my dog i;’m almost tempted to get another one or mine to play with. This has been 3 dogs in the last 2 yrs she;s lost (my dog that is…) the first one died of cancer, 2nd one in the neighborhood ran away and now this little runt. Her children were DEVASTATED, needless to say. Anyway, they are all doing better, life goes on, they’ll get another someday.

Anyway, i was telling about how i was getting my yard l.andscaped, well it didn’t get very far. The rain is ruining everything, it’s too muddy out there to do anything, any type of machinery would sink out of sight. I really wish that this rain would stop for a week!~


I really am terrible at updating

Well I’m making an honest attempt at it, my life just seems to be at a standstill.

The only new things is:

 1. I got my hair cut, a LOT off, up to my chin in a bob.

2. We are getting our yard landscaped this weekend. I’m super excited, i hope it looks great. I’ll be sure to take a before and after picture, the place is just horrendous right now. But i have high hopes~

YEsterday i worked a 12 hr day, didn’t i forget the nar.co.tic. keys and take them home with me, a 40min drive, i had to go straight back in!~ I certainly didn’t take the damn things home with me today that’s for sure!

Nol.an is almost walking,he gets around quite nicely with his walker toy. It’s surprising how fast he’s growing. I really thought he’d be later walking with his bigger size, but i guess he’s so strong! Anyway, that’s aobut it for now, he’ll be 9 mos on the 1st~ can you believe it? i certainly can’t~

Going bullet style….

-We celebrated our 9th anniversary on Thursday. Hard to believe it’s been 9yrs already 🙂 We are going to go out tonight i think his mil is going to watch the children.

-the tooth is a bit better, apparently, the dentist only found 2 canals last time, there was a 3rd she didn’t get during the original time, she did it this time, it still hurts and i’m sorry i ever had this done, i would have gotten it pulled, had i known.

-nolan, is just growing up before my eyes. He now stands on his own for a few moments, has a 5th tooth (upper right) and plays “boo”, he’ll mimic when you say it too him and laughs like crazy when you do it.

-we took the kids to the circu.s yesterday and they went on some rides. My oldest son got on one, *one that spun like crazy* needless to say once he was off he vomited, profusely, right.in.front.of.the.ride…. nice. He got over it in about a 1/2 hr then went on another one, similar to the ferris.wheel. but with cages, and they spin, bam, he did it again. What a sin~! Then ava got on kiddie rides, she had a blast. She’s too funny. My camera of course was dead, so no pics 😦

-found out yesterday i’ll be working in coronary care for my permanent position, i find it ironic that during training, i was petrified of it, and now here i am, full time working there.

-anyway, must get to sleep, just got off a backshift and was doing some blog reading.

I can’t believe Be.rni.e Ma.c has passed away! What a shocker eh? Not like he was my favorite actor or anything, just he was young and i don’t know about you, but whenever i see/hear of someone young dying it kind surprises me.

Well I worked again today, it was on a med/surgical floor and let me tell you, I have a newfound appreciation for ICU. I don’t know but after today, i really love my new spot~ It was a loooong 12 hr shift that’s for sure, the bed=bath race as i so like to call it. Anyway, i survived and i’ll be back for more tomorrow.

After work, i was so disgusted with my 5lb weight gain that i took my double stroller (given to me by a friend) and went for a 3km walk. I hope to start walking every day to get active again. It makes me have so much more energy, rather than laying around doing nothing. Ava enjoyed it, nolan fell asleep.

Monday i have another dentist appointment. 3 weeks ago i had the first stage of a roo.t can.al. Well it didn’t hurt then, but today it hurts like hell~ I can’t bite down on that side of my mouth or anything. The procedure didn’t hurt, but i think whatever they injected into it has come out and OMG, well i can’t wait to get back there on mon to see if the next part will help with the pain, i’m sick of hurting!

NOt much is new here. NOlan started spitting his food out as we feed him. That’s something i’d like him to stop soon. LOL.

The other day hubby rented gu.ita.r her.o for us to try out for the ps.3 Anyway, i was getting quite addicted to it, so after keeping it at our house for a few more nights we figured it’d be cheaper if we bought it, rather than keep renting it. So yesterday, we went shopping, and i saw rock/.ban.d. LOL. Well it has the drums, mic and the guitar to play with. Of course i HAD to get it. hehe. SO we bought it and tried it out at home. IT’s hilarious. I must say, i’m terrible at the drums, semi-ok with the mic and much better with the guitar. The things we do for entertainment.

I also went to the store today and saw lots of great ideas for chri.stmas shopping. I know, how can i even mention that right now, but we have to get started soon. I can’t believe we have 5 to shop for. At least the babies won’t know the differece, espcially nolan.

Well i’m back again to work tomorrow, for another set. Blah, that’s all i feel like i do these days~ Anyway, hope all are well.

8 months

Nolan is 8 months old today, and what better way to celebrate, with getting another tooth. THat’s 4 that he has now~ He of course loves to eat, given the massive size of him, he’s about 25 lbs already. He doesn’t sleep all that much, he goes down to sleep at night around 9pm and sleeps until 5am, then he’s up for the day. Has a nap around 10am then 2 pm. He eats about 4 jars of food a day. Loves sweet potatoes, peaches, bananas and yogurt. He also nurses 2x through the night when i’m home, or in the day before his naps. He LOVES to cuddle, this baby is my biggest cuddler by far.

Someone asked how work was going well, it is going. I’m not sure about it, last night, i really enjoyed it. This patient had an esophagectomy done, and ran into cardiac troubles post-op and it was great just getting in there, assisting with the pacemaker insertion. I really find there is more respect given to nurses in this area between Dr. & nurses. Before this Dr. would say next to nothing on the regular floor, but last night, he was chatting up a storm and actually talking. Maybe it’s less intimidating, more organized, and that things are well managed here, even when patients are sick as shit, per say. Anyway, that was my night, off to do more tomorrow for another round of 5 shifts.

Hey just a quick question, does anyone else like the new igoogle page? I think it’s great, i’m having a blast customizing it. lol. The little things that amuze me. And get this, i’m so dense, I just figured out how to respond to comments here by emailing people back, really , i just got it totday, I’m so stunned. LOL. So comment away i’ll be sure to write back, and DENISE if you still read me, comment so i can email you for your password/invite to your new site, i miss reading!