Going bullet style….

-We celebrated our 9th anniversary on Thursday. Hard to believe it’s been 9yrs already 🙂 We are going to go out tonight i think his mil is going to watch the children.

-the tooth is a bit better, apparently, the dentist only found 2 canals last time, there was a 3rd she didn’t get during the original time, she did it this time, it still hurts and i’m sorry i ever had this done, i would have gotten it pulled, had i known.

-nolan, is just growing up before my eyes. He now stands on his own for a few moments, has a 5th tooth (upper right) and plays “boo”, he’ll mimic when you say it too him and laughs like crazy when you do it.

-we took the kids to the circu.s yesterday and they went on some rides. My oldest son got on one, *one that spun like crazy* needless to say once he was off he vomited, profusely, right.in.front.of.the.ride…. nice. He got over it in about a 1/2 hr then went on another one, similar to the ferris.wheel. but with cages, and they spin, bam, he did it again. What a sin~! Then ava got on kiddie rides, she had a blast. She’s too funny. My camera of course was dead, so no pics 😦

-found out yesterday i’ll be working in coronary care for my permanent position, i find it ironic that during training, i was petrified of it, and now here i am, full time working there.

-anyway, must get to sleep, just got off a backshift and was doing some blog reading.


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  1. Michigan mom
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 07:28:18

    Your son sounds like mine when we discovered he was motion sick after riding in the car after eating. It’s always fun as a parent to discover that your child gets sick from motion especially when you are in a place where you are least prepared! I’m so glad it only took two car trips to figure it out and now we are finally prepared.

    Happy anniversary!!! Hope you guys got to go out and have fun 🙂 How do you like coronary care? I give so much respect to nurses, it’s a profession I could never do! Hope you have a great week!


  2. Jessica
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 23:32:32

    Glad for the update, happy belated anniversary! 🙂


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