It takes a day like this…..

To realize just how short life is. To be thankful for each and every moment I get to spend with my children, able to play with them and see how unique each one is.

My day yesterday was quite an eye opener. I came on to work, as always at 630am. Got my patient assignment. I’d be lying if i didn’t admit i was frustrated with my assignment. One was a chronic vented patient who was just there… just same old stuff with her. Nothing exciting. The other patient was a 57 yr old man, had an old stroke years ago and was recently found on the floor of his home unresponsive. After a new CT scan, showed he had another stroke, affecting his other side. (now left and right hemispheric strokes) He’s intubated and struggling. When doing my neuro assessment, he’s unresponsive in every way, no response to painful stimuli. The only thing i get is when suctioning him he’s gagging  and fighting the vent. Who knows what is going on neurologically. Anyway, all of his sisters want everything done for him, but his next of kin  want him to be taken off of life0support. So the meeting goes down, the dr. comes in and it’s decided, we are going to remove the ETT and supportive measures only. IT was quite sad to see the sons (one of he oldest is my age) having to deal with such a huge decision. It’s what was best for him, he’s never going to get up and walk, no quality of life whatsoever. He did hang on and was eventually transferred out to a medical floor where he’ll eventually pass away.

After him, we got another patient. Had a leaking abdo…minal aneursym, anyway, went to the OR had it repaired, lost TONS of blood, had transfusions and whatnot. So now he’s here. He’s intubated, but alert. Know’s what’s going on. Turns out he also had an MI, trop.onin. of 56. So he’s holding his own, wanting to sit up in bed, but we can’t, his pressure is barely 70systolic. So after a few hours of this, his heartrate started this funky rhythm.  It’s pretty obvious he’s going to arrest, sometime shortly. THankfully his family is there,able to decide what to do next, if we continue with resucitati0on or whatnot. THey did decide not to do any aggressive measures, maeni9ng shocking or cpr. It was so sad to see them having to come to this decision,. This man was alert, able to know what was going on and he wanted this too. To know you are going to die, how scary. He had these eyes, i will never.forget. as long as i live, the long eyelashes. We still aggressiuvely treated him with B/p meds and whatnot, but eventually after 4 hours he died. Just being there with him and his family, makes me realize just how shoft life is and to cherish every moment you have.


This post is going to be nursing focused. My day today=day from hell.

I came on this am (still in orientation mode) with 2 pts. One was a AAA repair (elective) from the 23rd (ready to transfer out), the other was a failure to wean, post cardiac arrest pt, who is now trach collared and ready for transfer. So really i had regular old floor pts, basically where i came from. So my day started off ok. I got them bathed, did my assessment, handed out some pills and whatever. Then around 10am, code blue, er. Down 2 of us run (2 leave from ICU to attend) When we got there, the lady was after receiving epinephrine, atropine and now intubated. So that’s fine, pretty much wrapped up, as long as she stayed stable (didn’t die) we’d get her up to us. NOw the rush was on, we had to get a bed. So I finally after numerous phone calls got a bed for my trach patient.  I had to transfer him down to dialysis, run up to 4th floor, give report, bring his shit up and then come back down to icu, then bring my other patient to another floor, same thing, give report and whatever. So that consumed about 2 hrs total of dragging and lugging beds around.

I get back to the unit and i had to help someone else take a pt down to CT. that was an adventure, this man cannot tolerate lying flat….. he has a tumor compressing his aorta, when he’s down, he’s purple. He did fairly well and finally after much bagging and dragging, brought him back. Today i felt much like a runner, not doing stuff i should be getting training in, just the go -getter. I was rather pissed for the most part, but whatever, i tend to keep this stuff to myself.

Finally, get back to the unit, only to get the new admission (lady from Code blue) She’s sick as shit, per say. Dop.amine drip, Ami.odaron.e drip. She’s got a pressure of 82/10. Nice….turns out she’s 92, full code. Family is actually in california…what timing. So full steam ahead, after hanging drips, and doing FARRRRRRRRR too much paper work she gets airlifted out to a cardiac center for open heart surgery. Did i mention i didn’t have a break today??

So finally i’m now patient-less. I have a pounding headache, so we decided to check my pressure for “fun”…. 140/94. I think i was a little stressed, what do ya think???

Here’s our newest member of the family. His name is ollie, lol, got it from big b,rother 10, hehe, it was a toss up b;w ollie and memphis or jerry so the kids picked this one. He’s a jac.k ru.ssell/pu.g mix.

Not sure what to write about these days, my grandmother on my moms side died on Saturday. I came up to NB to see her one last time and when we got here around 6pm she had just passed away an hr before we came. Im sad my mom didnt get to see her before she died but we were just too late. Since i was up here i decided to stay for the wake and funeral. I had absolutely no clothes here to wear so i had to go yesterday and buy something. Now i have to call work and whatnot to let them all know.

Rest in Peace Nana…….