This post is going to be nursing focused. My day today=day from hell.

I came on this am (still in orientation mode) with 2 pts. One was a AAA repair (elective) from the 23rd (ready to transfer out), the other was a failure to wean, post cardiac arrest pt, who is now trach collared and ready for transfer. So really i had regular old floor pts, basically where i came from. So my day started off ok. I got them bathed, did my assessment, handed out some pills and whatever. Then around 10am, code blue, er. Down 2 of us run (2 leave from ICU to attend) When we got there, the lady was after receiving epinephrine, atropine and now intubated. So that’s fine, pretty much wrapped up, as long as she stayed stable (didn’t die) we’d get her up to us. NOw the rush was on, we had to get a bed. So I finally after numerous phone calls got a bed for my trach patient.  I had to transfer him down to dialysis, run up to 4th floor, give report, bring his shit up and then come back down to icu, then bring my other patient to another floor, same thing, give report and whatever. So that consumed about 2 hrs total of dragging and lugging beds around.

I get back to the unit and i had to help someone else take a pt down to CT. that was an adventure, this man cannot tolerate lying flat….. he has a tumor compressing his aorta, when he’s down, he’s purple. He did fairly well and finally after much bagging and dragging, brought him back. Today i felt much like a runner, not doing stuff i should be getting training in, just the go -getter. I was rather pissed for the most part, but whatever, i tend to keep this stuff to myself.

Finally, get back to the unit, only to get the new admission (lady from Code blue) She’s sick as shit, per say. Dop.amine drip, Ami.odaron.e drip. She’s got a pressure of 82/10. Nice….turns out she’s 92, full code. Family is actually in california…what timing. So full steam ahead, after hanging drips, and doing FARRRRRRRRR too much paper work she gets airlifted out to a cardiac center for open heart surgery. Did i mention i didn’t have a break today??

So finally i’m now patient-less. I have a pounding headache, so we decided to check my pressure for “fun”…. 140/94. I think i was a little stressed, what do ya think???

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jessica
    Sep 27, 2008 @ 09:04:04

    Oh my goodness, I don’t know how you do that all day – I know once you get home you don’t get a chance to relax either! I hope your next day is a LOT less stressful.


  2. Squishy Tushy
    Sep 29, 2008 @ 23:25:46

    You are one hell of a woman… A career like that, and five kids to boot! WOW. Speechless.


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