Would someone just hurry up and invent a washing machine that washes, drys and puts the clothes away~


Well i’m off for a week~ got some vacation, much needed…now i get to relax and sleep in for a change instead of the early 5am getups.

No.lan turned 10 months old on the 1st, i can’t believe it!~ AND on the 30th around supper time, he took his first steps. He’s walking up to 6 steps at a time now, he’s so cute~ He’s getting more teeth again, so cranky and full of a cold. He’s still waking a couple of times through the night, but easily settled, usually nurses for about 10 minutes and that’s it for him. He’s in size 12-18 mos clothes and we wear size 5 diapers on him, it’s just as easy to buy a big box for the 2 of them. He’s trying to eat most foods now, enjoying everything, but he hates bananas now. His hair is growing and getting so thick~! He’s definately a blondie too. I guess that’s about all that is new with him, now i’m off to get a much needed hot bath!