Can you believe that my little man will be one on Monday?? I certainly can’t believe that much time has gone by. I’m still working like crazy enjoying ICU. Really not much else going on.


day 6…

Went christmas shopping again, put another layaway on. That’s 2 in total for me. I will get one more on and then i’m done shopping. I will be working christmas this year, i really wish i wasn’t but what can i do, i had the last 2 off, it’s usually work one yr, off the next. So this is my time to work. I haven’t heard about the spot yet, maybe they’ll tell me this week. Who knows. When i find out i’ll be sure to post about it, since i need some filler stuff for the rest of this month…

day 5….

Congrats America on your new president….. now that you have one, (bush doesn’t count, lol), who is glad he’s in, other than the other fella?

(i’m politically deprived, i didn’t really follow much, just my parents have a take that the oil may get out of hand in price now that :O.bam.a is in, what do yo uthink?

day 4….

I just got off of a backshift, I am finally on my own working in ICU. I reread what i had post about my first time and experience back in the unit. What a difference, i found it so disturbing, and now it’s not the same. I know what to expect from patients, certainly i have A TON to learn, but my comfort level has definately risen. I had 2 patients, ones that i had last set and they were great, no concerns. Slept all night and the other needed some sedation, no big deal. I think i do like this unit more than the ortho unit i came from. I’ve applied to some positions there, who knows if i’ll get one, but till then we’ll see, so far so good.

Well, i’ve made it to day 3……

I absolutely LOVE the time change, i’m so not a morning person….i enjoy sleep immensely.

I have to get ava a winter snowsuit, we have snow already, YUCK! Anyway, will most likely post later today

Day 2 of writing. NOt much to write about, hence the reason i only blogged 3 days last month. If i think of something clever to say, i’ll write as for now, i’m going to get ready to watch dexter. Love that show….anyone else?? What other shows are you interested in?

November is here….

and with that brings another round of NaBloPoMo~ I will make every effor this month to write every day. I almost succeeded last year, only 3 days shy of doing it too, only because we moved to my inlaws for the building of our house and i had no internet connection.

To start off this month, my son is now 11 months old!~ I know i say this every month but holy shit time is really flying, he’s going to be a year next month! That really went fast. Ava is going to be 3 in April, that’ll be here within the blink of an eye too. My chirstmas shopping is almost finished, i’m so glad i started early and got some great savings too. I really only have a few more things to pick up and i’m sticking to the list this year.

Well i’ll post some pics this week of halloween. I actually went trick or treating for Ava, since she was petrified of everything, she was so excited when i showed her all the treats. I dressed up as the new Jo.K.eR it was super easy to do since my hair is about that length../… once i get my pics off the camera i’ll be sure to post one.