November is here….

and with that brings another round of NaBloPoMo~ I will make every effor this month to write every day. I almost succeeded last year, only 3 days shy of doing it too, only because we moved to my inlaws for the building of our house and i had no internet connection.

To start off this month, my son is now 11 months old!~ I know i say this every month but holy shit time is really flying, he’s going to be a year next month! That really went fast. Ava is going to be 3 in April, that’ll be here within the blink of an eye too. My chirstmas shopping is almost finished, i’m so glad i started early and got some great savings too. I really only have a few more things to pick up and i’m sticking to the list this year.

Well i’ll post some pics this week of halloween. I actually went trick or treating for Ava, since she was petrified of everything, she was so excited when i showed her all the treats. I dressed up as the new Jo.K.eR it was super easy to do since my hair is about that length../… once i get my pics off the camera i’ll be sure to post one.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Sugar & Ice
    Nov 09, 2008 @ 17:49:37

    I can’t wait to see the Halloween pics, especially the ones of you as the Joker!!


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