Long Time, no post…..

Believe it or not, there isn’t much different in my life.

The baby turned 14 mos yesterday. He’s up to 27lbs now, and into size 2 clothes.

Ava she’s going to be 3 in april, she’s only 22 lbs and in size 2-3 clothes.

The rest of the children are doing well, the oldest will be 13 in april, so i have the moody pre-teen going on here.

We are in the process of trying to determine if my 9 yr old is lactose intolerant or not, so that would be good if we figure that out.

Work is pretty much the same, i have a full time spot in ICU. It’s absolutely crazy there, but a good crazy. I have my days where i’m thinking what did i do to myself. but overall it’s a¬†good place to work, i couldn’;t imagine working somewhere else now. IT’s still hard when you get patients that arrest and are braindead, having to discuss with the family that the neuro signs i see are not good, we all know but aren’t to tell them until it’s ruled out with CT scan and Dr telling them of course. THat still gets to me every time but hey i wouldn’t be human if it didn’t.

I’ve been reading some books, of course the twilight series. I’m on the second one now and am getting quite frustrated hoping the characters will soon meet back up. (i know they have to there are 4 out there) lol

Well maybe i’ll post again sometime soon, i do check blogs every few days just the desire to write isn’t there anymore. I’m off to playgroup with teh kiddies. Will post again.