What a long night

I worked a 12 hr backshift last night…..it was quite the eventful shift needless to say.
One thing i haven’t blogged about lately is that I have accepted a job in coronary care, as opposed to intensive care. It is basically the same, well qualifications and whatnot it is the same, just not as much vents and longterm patients.
Anyway, i get on shift last night, the nurse i was relieving wasn’t there, she was up on the floors with a patient that had arrested earlier, when one of us arrives, a critical care nurse has to stay until transfer to icu/ccu. Anyway, we were the only ones with an empty bed so the transfer would come to me. I came up and sadly to say, the family were around, basically letting the patient live until all the family members arrived. So i come back downstairs to find my nurse so she can give me report on my other patient. She does so, and gives me an update about my other patient i had the night before. He came in with a new MI, anyway, coughing, sob, o2 sats were fine, just really restless and pretty much giving all the warning signs of spiraling down the shitter quickly. Needless to say he was airlifted out with cardiogenic shock and died 4 hrs later. Quite sad, he was a very nice man.
After i get my blurb, check my chart, a code blue in rec.room is called overhead, of course on the code team off i go, it’s an 8yr old boy, airway obstruction….thank goodness they were quick calling it and it was bascially just manually ventilation and drugs to calm him. THat wouldn’t have been good to see something go wrong…i don’t mind seeing 80 odd yr olds die, but children….nope. So off i go back to my unit.
Maybe a half hr later another code blue announced, up on a surgical floor. I arrived with the other nurses and begin compressions, my arms feel as though they are going to fall off as i type. Poor lady, was 80 some yrs old, ca of the lung, etc, no code status was addressed prior to this, so after 15 minutes later, many attempts at IV’s and whatnot, the dr. decided to call it.
So i get back to my unit, take care of my patient, get my empty bed ready for some kind of admission, (*hopefully it would stay empty*) and sit around doing my checks hrly.
AT 3 am i get another MI, ant/septal infarct. He had TNK and was having frequent f&*ked up arrythmia’s. Anyway, he ended up doing fine but i thought i was going to have deja vu from the night before since he presented pretty much the same as the other fella. ANyway, just thought i’d blog about this craziness, so i could unwind and get tired before going to sleep.